SU election hopeful takes down posters that make him look like Hitler

Many did Nazi the resemblance


Ambitious union exec candidate Kyle Hulme suffered a blow to his campaign last week when he took down several posters because people said they made him look like Adolf Hitler.

The potential Community Officer’s lack of talent with a stencil meant his creative posters bore something of a resemblance to the Nazi dictator.

International Relations fourth year Kyle was keen to distance himself from the former German Führer’s political ideology.

A union official broke the bad news to the election hopeful on Tuesday morning.

Kyle said: “It was probably the weirdest call I’ve ever had to take. He explained that about three or four people had stated that they thought the stencil of my face was…well, Adolf Hitler.

“He said that it was up to me whether or not I took the posters down but obviously I was going to take them down.

“I did my Erasmus year abroad in Krakow, I visited Auschwitz twice – after seeing what Hitler was responsible for first hand I wanted to distance myself from him. Obviously.

“Thankfully, a friend was coming round that afternoon to design new posters and she’s much more artistic than I am – I came to realise that the reason I looked like Hitler is because I’m pretty shit at making a stencil.”

Facing potential jibes of “Sieg Kyle”, the fourth year is resuming his campaign with altogether less Nazi designs, and remains upbeat despite his temporary likening to one of history’s greatest monsters.

“It’s quite funny to look back at because it’s so bizarre – people confused me with one of the worst of all time people – but at the time I had my head in my hands.

“I’d like to take this opportunity to confirm that I am, in fact, not Hitler, nor does my campaign represent his views.”