Exclusive: Sambuca reacts to backlash

It continues

The company behind Sambuca, the new incarnation of the infamous Tequila night, have reacted strongly to a student backlash against their opening.

Students in the LUU Feminist Society were disappointed with comments made by Sambuca’s founder regarding the new night.

James Kelly had joked “We’ll just make sure we don’t send any rape jokes to FemSoc before they ruin any more people’s fun”, referring to Tequila’s closure last year.

Scenes like this helped bring down Tequila

Now Nocturnal Events have exclusively told The Tab: “We feel that any previous comments have been taken out of context. We (Nocturnal Events) do not condone any form of sexual exploitation.

“Sambuca at Syn will keep the same vibe of Tequila: the music, the drinks and the welcoming attitude.

“We have kept all artwork and promotional material to a professional taste and are simply looking to release a new and exciting Thursday night to Leeds – a day which offers little choice of destination.”