Leeds grad mysteriously dies on same Thai island as double murder

Tributes are already pouring in for 23-year-old Christina Annesley

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A Leeds graduate has died while backpacking through Thailand – on an island where two Brits were recently murdered, the Foreign Office has confirmed.

The girl, named online as 23-year-old Christina Annesley, died on Wednesday.

Christina’s mum Margaret Annesley gave her cause of death as ‘natural causes’ yesterday.

Posting on her daughter’s Facebook page, she wrote: “We have lost our beautiful daughter Chrissie in Thailand of natural causes.

“We are totally devastated. We love you so much darling, rest in peace. We will bring you home soon xxxxxxxxxx Mum and Dad.”

Boyfriend Olly wrote: “I’ll never stop missing you darling. I’m sorry I wasn’t there when you needed me most. You were my inspiration. I love you.”

Christina, of Orpington, south London, was holidaying in the South East Asian country as part of a four-month tour of the region.

Her last tweets, sent on Monday, reveal she was on the island of Koh Tao – the same place where Brit tourists Hannah Witheridge and David Miller were murdered last September.

A Foreign and Commonwealth Office spokesperson said: “We can confirm the death of a British National in Thailand on 21 January 2014.

“We are providing consular assistance to the family at this difficult time.”

Hundreds of people paid tribute to the popular young girl, who was a vocal libertarian.

On the London Liberty League Facebook page, pal Victoria Monro wrote: “There aren’t words to do her justice or to tell you how inspiring she was to young people trying to help further a libertarian, or freedom-based, future. She was lively and likeable, friendly and supportive.

“Christina was a wonderful friend to Liberty League, attending our conferences, and being such a positive, welcoming and entertaining character.

“She was principled, and true to her convictions – a rare trait.

“But more importantly than all of this, she was a strong, kind woman, with so much potential. She brightened up the room with her wit and charm.

“And if you follow her on Twitter, you know she wasn’t just like that in person.

“It’s a sad day to lose such a great person, a committed activist, and good friend. Rest in peace, Chrissie.”

Camden Conservative Deputy Chairman Oliver Cooper wrote: “Devastated by the sudden and untimely death of friend and freedom-fighter Christina Annesley. I didn’t know anyone that didn’t adore her. RIP.”

Laura McEvoy added: “Feeling numb. Struggling to focus on work. Absolutely devastated about Christina. She always brightened up the room. RIP.”

Skylar Baker-Jordan tweeted: “She was a gem. I’m utterly heartbroken. Sleep well, you brilliant beautiful woman.”

Lily Summers tweeted: “I’m absolutely stunned that Christina has passed away. She was so lovely and a pleasure to talk politics with. Everyone loved her.”

Christina flew out on her trip, which was scheduled to last around four months, on January 7.

Just days before her death, prolific tweeter Christina was telling her 3,500 followers about her trip to Thailand, and also posted about needing antibiotics for a chest infection.

On Monday she tweeted: “Great, just as I finally make friends I have to shell out ?60 for antibiotics and now can’t afford to go out with them. F*** everything.”

Christina also used Ask.fm and on her page, where she had posted almost 2000 answers to posed questions, she wrote that she was suffering from a chest infection.

On January 11, she wrote “I have a chest infection and a hangover which is quite an unpleasant combination.”

Christina, who tweeted under the name “Gap Yah Christinah” posted a series of messages on January 16 about her travels.

She wrote: “Already sick of hostels. There’s no place space to wander around naked getting ready, the showers smell like crap and everyone here is weird.

“I know I’ll get over it and I’m incredibly privileged and blah blah blah, but if you can’t moan here where else can you.

“Anyway I’m off to the beach and sulk and look at beautiful scenery and mong out on valium.”

Five days later on January she posted a series of tweets about her trip.

She wrote: “I need to bloody cheer the f***ing f*** up and realise how privileged I am to be here and go to the beach and be happy. Any other tips?

“I have found an affordable bungalow to move to. Sorry not sorry hostels, but you are not for me.

“Am now lying on a sunbed with an alcopop and a bucketload of Tramadol, so feeling a bit better.”

The circumstances surrounding the death have not yet released.