The Daily Mail think out of depth Leeds Medics are going to operate on your nan

‘It’s not like they’ll be letting them perform solo brain surgeries’

Medicine 5th years have been asked to do more unpaid medical work in local hospitals.

In a move branded “desperate” by the Daily Mail, students have been asked to pitch in extra shifts and weekend work.

An email sent by the Dean of Medicine Professor Paul Stewart asked senior Medics to help where hospital services are “under severe strain”.

The email explained the fifth years would receive travel expenses and a “subsistence allowance” for their trouble.

Now selfless medics have criticised claims that the move was unfair or an act of “desperation”.

AND they give to Charity

4th-year Medic Michael Grant said: “The final years are pretty much qualified and it’s not like they’ll be letting them perform solo brain surgeries.

“If it’s a way to lighten the burden on the NHS and allow final years to get more experience as well a ‘subsistence allowance’ – which is probably fuck all and vastly cheaper than drafting in local doctors – then why not do it?

“This is classic Daily Mail fear-mongering, trying to imply that there’s going to be some kids fresh out of their A-levels performing open-heart surgery on your nan.”

Prof Stewart’s email went on to say patient care coming first meant “some educational activities could be cancelled.

“We have no doubt you will rise for the occasion.”

But the medics said they were happy to pitch in and gain more experience in treating patients.

Another medic told the Tab: “It’s not like the Dean wants us to treat patients on our own.

“It’s just doing stuff that we can already do like take bloods and put catheters in so it takes pressure off other clinical staff.”