BPOC: Check out this week’s Big Pet on Campus

They’re more popular than you

Name: Ron and Ter (Mr and Mrs Ron and Tell that)

Age: Officially 3 months but in persona 39 and 3 months (Ron) 26 and 2 months (Ter)

Sex: Gender neutral

Breed: Cockney Karp (Ron is the orange one and Ter is The spotty one)

Likes: Ron loves money, power and control and the blue plant, likes to do some swimming, loves darting about the drawer.

Ter loves the archway to get away from Ron, ket which he gets from Ron, inviting people around (for sexual favours).

To be honest Ter doesn’t say much, he gives receives and stays still, we are stilling trying to get to know him away from Ron’s influence.

Dislikes: Ron dislikes not getting his money, people fucking with him, ginger jokes, posh twats, how much Eastenders has changed in the last 50 years – “it’s not what it once was, especially now since Peggy’s left”.

Ter doesn’t like scary movies such as finding Nemo. He hates Picasso – “Just don’t get it” – and the unrealistic ideals set upon fish in popular media

Relationship: Pimp and Prostitute

Celebrity Crush: Ter likes Angela Merkel, Ainsley Harriot and Free Willy but is unsure how the size difference would come into play.

Ron likes Lola from Shark Tale, Queen Latifa and Cilla Black.

Ron and Ter live happily together at “The Rusty Badger” in Headingley with their beloved owner Sorcha Doherty.

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