DEVASTATION: No Gryphon today

Ten points from Gryphon-dor

Stunned students were left devastated today when it emerged that beloved weekly newspaper, The Gryphon, had not published a new edition.

The deluge of rain may as well have been the tears of loyal readers, who were left heart-broken by the absence of the only decent student newspaper in Leeds.

Come back. We miss you.

The Gryphon (formely ‘LS’) rebranded this year, news The Tab was only too happy to report before anyone else.

It seemed as though this change had sparked weeks of unbridled reading pleasure for Leeds students, but this week off has alarmed and disgusted many.

Third-year History student Alex Clifford said: “To say my day has been ruined would be an understatement.

“I was already having a bad week and now this? How are people going to know the results of the uni sports teams?”

Pathetic fallacy

French third-year Tim Gibson added: “The lack of a Gryphon today makes me upset and scared”

It is not known why The Gryphon has abandoned its readers in such a blunt fashion.

The paper should return with a new issue next week. We hope.