Chaos at lad culture debate as feminist thrown out by man

‘There are pricks out there who are going to rape you and you’re more of a target when you’re drunk’

Jobsworth bouncers ejected an unruly third year from the lad culture debate and warned him: “we don’t want clever boys like you disrupting things.”

Feminist and thinker David Pratt was booted out of the event, which decided lad culture isn’t ruining our generation, according to the vote of a debate held at the Union.

On the surface they look calm and ready to drop bombs

There were also sparks flying in the debate itself, with a point about victim blaming forcing one male speaker to get shouted down.

He said: “Having a poster up in a police station saying you’re 33% more likely to get raped when you’re drunk is not victim blaming.

“There are pricks out there who are going to rape you and you’re more of a target when you’re drunk.


“Rapists will think, oh she’s absolutely fucked, she’s an easy target. That’s not blaming you as a victim.”

He went on to talk about a case of a woman who went out without wearing a sanitary towel when she was on her period, but he was interrupted by angry cries of protest.

A sell-out crowd

Broadcast journalism student Emily Willson said: “It all started to get really heated between the ‘lads’ and the feminists.

“One lad just basically said girls deserve to get raped because they make themselves easy targets”

Good advice

Meanwhile, third year Philosophy and Economics student and feminist David Pratt was thrown out before the debate had even begun.

He told The Tab: “The bouncer said I couldn’t sit next to my friend as there wasn’t space for an access route.

“I asked him to clarify where the access route was, but then he flipped and started talking about health and safety and pushing me.

“He said he didn’t want clever little boys like me disrupting things and wasn’t allowed back in for the rest of the night because he was in charge.

‘Clever little boy’ David Pratt, pictured here, was kicked out of the debate

“I thought I was going to be able to make some killer points. I’m going to make a complaint to the Union tomorrow.”

In two seperate votes, the audience decided that lad culture wasn’t ruining our generation.

One feminist speaker cited the ‘Fuck me, I’m a fresher’ t-shirt as “disgusting and making money from misogyny”, whilst another student said that aggressive feminism left men feeling victimised.

Everyone comes out in support of lad culture – Well, not everyone