I’m selling my imaginary friend on eBay for the money and publicity

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Some people sell their clothes on eBay and others flog old CDs or phones.

But Georgia Horrocks decided to do one better by selling her imaginary friend Bernard.

The recent Leeds grad was short of cash and has put up her friend of 13 years under the hammer online.

Georgia said: “I decided to try to think of things to do to generate money.

“I invented Bernard when I was about 10. I thought to myself that I should sell him because now I’m 23. I’m living in London and I need to move on with my life.

“I want to generate publicity. I want to get the word out so I can interview people and see how far this can go. I’m really pleased with the press.

“Have you ever been on the odd bids on eBay? People buy the most ridiculous things.”

eBay took down the initial offer of an imaginary friend – starting at 99p – because it broke the site’s terms of use. The bidding rose to 25 pounds before the post was removed.

Georgia re-uploaded her fantasy childhood companion to come with a t-shirt and now bidders have two days left to compete to win Bernard.

There has been no interest so far but Georgia hopes that her imaginary friend’s strong character traits will prove a strong selling-point.

The English Lit grad said: “Bernard is very mischievious. He’s also kind and loyal.

“I’m selling him as a piece of my imagination. I thought people that were creative and writing a story would want him.

“I’m also selling memories of me and Bernard as well which I’ll tell you if you buy him.”

Responding to claims that she is no different to the old man in Jack in the Beanstalk that peddles magic beans, Georgia said: “I haven’t misled anybody. I don’t think I have any serious bidders.

“I would bid for the fun of it. If you have writers block then here’s a character straight for you.”

Georgia wants to become a writer herself and works as a weekend waitress while composing short stories.

The 23-year-old said: “I find people very interesting. I’d like to write a crime novel or maybe a romance.

“I love children’s stories. Harry Potter and Enid Blyton are my favourites.”

Georgia has also advertised Bernard on Spareroom under the advert “Imaginary Friend seeks Companion”.

Bid for Bernard on eBay or look him up on Spareroom.

At the time of writing, there have yet to be any takers on either site.