Spotted: the best barnet in Leeds?

The Tab is on a mission to find the man behind this week’s mane campus sensation.


The past few days have seen the ‘smiling with a bound dissertation’  Facebook uploads put to shame.

One man’s hairstyle has emerged as a cut above the rest.

Looking shady

In what can no longer be brushed off as a single incident, this great hair seems to be saving students from deadline depression, one sighting at a time.

The man and his creative locks – which were last spotted in Eddy B – make a refreshing change from the top knots increasingly sported around campus.

This last sighting brightened the days of those suffering from hair-raising volumes of revision, projects and essays.

But, as of yet, The Tab can reveal nothing more about this mystery man than the fact he wears a Nike rucksack and is on his way to status as a campus legend.

Further sightings, for the sake of finding and thanking this man, should be reported to [email protected].