Could you run The Tab? We’re recruiting for the next editor of one of Leeds’ most popular student voice

Do you want to influence campus conversation and, y’know, do some funny GIF articles? Apply to be Tab editor

Every week, 50,000 people read The Tab Leeds, making us one of the most popular student sites in the country.

We draw a huge audience at Leeds uni (and elsewhere) because we cover the issues they care about, in a style they want to read.

And we’re always first to report the big stories – from shocking crime in Hyde Park to hilarious library antics.

Now we’re looking for a new editor who can take the reigns of the website which sets the agenda for Leeds students.

Do you want to control the reading habits of your peers? Indoctrinate Leeds with your bullshit world view, while entertaining them with perfectly observed features?

Plus, we know this is lame, but editing The Tab really does open doors for your career. Tab journalists are eligible for a £4,500 scholarship at City University, the top journalism course in the country.

Our stories go national all the time

The editor gets unrivalled tuition from The Tab’s London HQ, and huge work experience and job opportunities.

Still not sold? Read some gushing praise from Britain’s top journos, including plenty of Tab alumni we’ve helped into their first jobs.

If you want to work in the media, editing The Tab is the best start you could ever get.

How to apply

Tab editors are responsible for managing a team of section editors and writers, and getting the best out of them.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to edit The Tab from September 2014, email [email protected] telling us in 50 words why you should get the role. We’ll be back in touch.

What Tab editors did next

David Pratt, Editor 2012/13
Founded a startup in the Philippines before joining Tab HQ as a full-time member of staff.

Jack Cummings, Editor 2013/14
Won a place on City University’s Journalism MA, the top journalism course in the country.