BNOC of the Year 2014: Group Three

The third batch of nominees for BNOC of the Year 2014. Get voting!

Round two was a close battle at the top between Fiona ‘Queen of RAG’ Metcalfe and Bradley ‘Go with the Fro’ Escorcio.

But the new Activities Officer Fi snatched the victory by less than 2% of the votes, who will join Freya ‘Tequila Slayer’ Potter in the final.

But who win BNOC of the Year Group Three? Get voting!

 Theo Sheridan

Known as the guy who stands outside the Union with a ‘You are beautiful’ sign – Theo has shown commitment to the BNOC cause making us all feel better about ourselves.
But will Theo’s good deeds win him the BNOC crown?

Amos Schonfield

Still upset after his bronze medal performance in last year’s final last year, Amos the networking machine has been putting the work in to get his name all over uni this year.

But is the Media Rep and LSR Deputy Station Manager the Biggest Name On Campus?

Rehema Figueiredo

The second student media Titan in Group Three, Queen of the weekly print press Rehema Figueiredo got your vote to become LS Editor with her ‘Getting Figgy with it’ campaign.

She may or may not have been responsible for the ‘HYPE PARK’ typo cover last year, we’re not pointing any fingers – but will Rehema get your vote?

Robbie Hollis

Mr Mischief Robbie Hollis is famous on campus for being a Rough Hill Event Manager for everyone’s favourite Wednesday night.

The Law Soc Big name and key player in the Stage Musicals Society, Robbie is a social champion, but can he win the ultimate award?