It may seem like no effort goes into Leeds’ infamous ‘edgy’ look. But, it does – and it isn’t easy.

Yet this isn’t the only hardship that Leeds lasses have to face…

Forever being in the shadow of hip, happening @edgygirlleeds

There’s no competing with the girl who proclaims herself ‘edgier than a decahedron’. Her scrunchie loving, wintage wearing ways will forever make us Leeds ladies feel inferior.

The horrors of Otley Road when embarking on a walk of shame

Always busy and always student-infested – it’s the catwalk that nightmares are made of. You will be hooted at constantly and not because you’re looking hot.

Having to lower date expectations

Zulfi’s may be award winning and we all may be students, but a kebab won’t lead to a second date.

Hours spent deciding what to wear in The EDGE

If you’re not constantly picture perfect then don’t bother

Thought the gym was for working out? Think again. Unless you’re able to parade around with a perfect ponytail and matching leggings and trainers then you’re not doing it right. Extra points awarded if you can pull off fake eyelashes.

The compulsory starvation required before Flux

With the dress code being pretty much confined to hot pants, crop tops and maybe a bindi – cameras will not be forgiving of the extra portion of Old Bar chips you demolished earlier.

The uphill struggle that is hiking up Hyde Park

You’re walking to uni with friends – trying to look cool, composed and sustain gossip about the night before. But, the inevitable hill takes its toll and you’re left a gasping, stuttering mess.

Female competition. Everywhere.

Not only was Leeds declared the best looking university, but the ratio of females to males leaves much to be desired when on the hunt for a man.