3 is a magic number

Last week we looked at the leather jacket, this time its the turn of the silk scarf. 3 ways to make it a useful part of your wardrobe.

Prints are an inevitable part of the Spring/Summer wardrobe and the silk scarf is a perfect way to add a hint of print to any outfit.

Look round your room or in the back of your wardrobe and it’s likely there’ll be one lying around, discarded as being a rather pointless sized piece of fabric.

But no need to be boring and do the obvious and rather dated thing of putting it round your neck, here’s 3 ways to work magic with a silk scarf…. (stop those naughty thoughts right there, this is all about fashion!)

1) As a belt

Twist through the belt loops on  a pair of jeans to add a subtle touch of print to a casual outfit.

2) As a crop top

Perfect for summer, be it at the beach or at a festival, simply tie the scarf in a tight knot at the back and pair with leggings, jeans or shorts and you’re good to go.

3) As a hairband

Channel your inner bohemian and wear as a hairband with hair either loose or in a side plait.

Next week we’ll be looking at 3 different ways to wear a mens shirt, so start nicking off dads, brothers and boyfriends now!