Esme Evan-Cook

Uni fashion talent: Feathers By Minnie

We got to know the local creator of these hair accessory delights….

3 is a magic number

Last week we looked at the leather jacket, this time its the turn of the silk scarf. 3 ways to make it a useful part of your wardrobe.

Leeds Rag Fashion Show…expect the unexpected.

With the LRFS on the horizon we spoke to the organisers to get the inside gossip on what to expect from this year’s fashion extravaganza.

The Psychology of Make Up

New semester, new you. But what does the way you do your make up say to others?

All I want for Christmas is…Jewels!

Check out the statement jewellery on our list to Santa this year

Campus Style Hunter

In the last few days of term we went out on campus to see who out of you lot was looking good.

Out with the New and in with Old: Leeds Vintage Trail

We take a look at the 7 best places to buy vintage in Leeds

Campus Style Hunter

The Tab heads out onto campus to spot the most fashionable students this week

Don’t hate me because I’m posh

Leeds might be full of posh people, but that doesn’t mean they have it easy. LILY JONES argues why you should cut ex-private school kids some slack.

What do women want (in guys clothes)?

We asked 40 ladies on campus what they love and hate to see lads wearing. Here are the results

Do’s and Dont’s of the female wardrobe when it comes to men…according to men

We asked 40 lads on campus what they love and hate to see women wearing. Here are the results.