9 things Leeds students should give up for Lent

As we munch through leftover pancakes, thoughts may turn to what to give up for Lent. Here’s 9 things Leeds students may benefit from giving up for 40 days.

1.  Going to Fruity- see if you can keep away from the union night club for 40 days. Listen to cheesy music from the comfort of your own home instead and save money.


2. Zulfi’s- whether you head there after a night out or order in when you’re too lazy to cook, save your dough and calories by giving up fast food for lent.

3. Gurning (and everything that goes with it…). Might be good to take a break for a while.

4.  Beanie hats. They’ve become mainstream. It’s not even that cold anymore!

5.  Procrastination. You could achieve so much if you gave it up. You could have 40 days to write your dissertation instead of 4. Check out the 24 hour cluster.

6. Living in dirt, because it’s actually nice to have some clean pots available for use.

7. Wasting money. Cut down on the new clothes and go thrifty. Make your loan last

8. Having the heating on. Sounds dreadful but it’s slowly getting warmer and think of how much money you’d save.

9. Being lazy. It’s time to join The Edge or head out for a run around Hyde Park if you want to lose weight for summer.

What are you giving up for Lent? Let us know in the comments.