6 Ways to jazz up Parkinson building

Parkinson building is everything a prospective student’s parent might want to see on an open day, but why can’t we make Leeds Uni’s signature building more fun?

1. Celebrate EVERY national holiday or celebration.

It’s a grand old space in Parkinson, but there’s opportunity for a celebration of different cultures that so far has been missed.

Everything from Mexico’s ‘Cinco de Mayo’ and Brazil’s ‘Carnival’ to Chinese New Year. Pancake day should be celebrated too. Littering the hall with colourful and cultural decoration could be just the kick Parkinson needs.

This, but with less negative cultural stereotyping, and mice.

2. Changeable Food Cart

Whilst the coffee shop in Parkinson serves its purpose, the hall feels unbalanced. I think we should take a leaf out of Trinity Kitchen’s book and employ the same strategy; a new food stall or cart on the left side of Parkinson every week.

Pizza one week, Thai food the next. There are only so many chicken wraps and weak teas a man can take.

A new one of these each week!

3. Market Place

Though Kirkstall market may be one of the largest indoor markets in Europe, but it’s a long way to walk with 12 bags full of fruit back to Hyde Park.

Wednesday afternoon or Saturday morning seems fairly appropriate, and a mid week stock up on fruit and veg may actually get some students to start 5-a-day.

4. Film Nights

There’s too much space in Parkinson to not be having a film night at least once a week, either as a weekly charity event, or a Sunday evening hangover cure.

With rugs and chairs, or even mattresses splayed out, you could easily fit a fair few gorming students into Parkinson for a weekly dose of everyone’s favorite stoner movie (film choice open to discussion).

Die Hard in here… just saying.

5. Music

It seems too simple to have missed. We could jazz up Parkinson by playing jazz in Parkinson. It wouldn’t have to be blasting out but anything could be played to make those 5-hour Tuesdays a little more bearable.

This.. but with head bobbing

6. Hammocks

After Hifi on a Tuesday night, you’ve just had a Wednesday morning seminar but now have to wait two hours for a lecture – it seems to me those columns in Parkinson are almost too perfectly placed to not have hammocks hanging between them.

It could be the solution we’ve always needed to there being very few great nap areas on campus.

The columns should be sturdier than this..