7 Best places to date around Campus

From grabbing a cheeky study break to soaking in the views at the Roger Stevens fountain, check out our top places to date on campus.

The Tab solves all your Valentine’s dilemmas with a countdown of the 7 best places on campus for conversing and canoodling.


Get your bicep curls right and you’ll edge your way closer to true love.

Pros: In winter there is no other way of seeing so much flesh

Cons: Not the ideal way you want to be getting sweaty on a date

Old Bar

Pay for your date’s meal and still spend under a tenner.

Pros: Nothing says love like an Old Bar burger oozing with cheese

Cons: There is no seductive or elegant way of eating the above.  Also they show vampire films on Valentine’s day. Might put you off your chips.

Brotherton library

Because silent study areas are in need of livening up.

Pros: The opportunity to turn a study buddy into a snuggle buddy

Cons: Cheeky antics will quickly become public knowledge thanks to the library’s vast, echoing spaces. You might even get caught.

 Hidden Cafe

Inject a shot of love into your espresso.

Pros: Sofas, music and overpriced yet underwhelming food – what’s not to love?

Cons: Alarming volume of hipsters present may provide an unwelcome distraction.

Hyde Park

If nothing else, the threat of getting mugged will get the heart racing.

Pros: Picnics in the park are an undeniably romantic idea

Cons: This is only a viable date location when sunny in Leeds i.e. 3 days a year

Dolce Vita (aka maths cafe)

Red for red route and red for love. Coincidence? I think not.

Pros: You + maths puns = a match made in heaven

Cons: Sandwiches and a bag of crisps don’t really cut it as dating high cuisine.

Roger Stevens’ water feature

The Niagara Falls of Leeds.

Pros: For both quirky points and a dazzling view

Cons: Eyesores remain – the architecture of Roger Stevens leaves a lot to be desired