Give me some sugar: Leeds in top 10 Unis for Sugar Daddy Dating

143 Leeds Students have signed up to a ‘Sugar Daddy’ dating website on which 80% of matches involve sex.

Most of us spend our days flyering in the rain or pestering our Facebook friends about club nights if we want to make some extra cash.

But some Leeds students have found a much more profitable way to spend their time outside of lectures – getting sponsored by a ‘Sugar Daddy’.

In a bid to fight rising tuition fees, 143 female University of Leeds students having signed up to the alternative hook-up website, putting us 5th in the country for student and ‘Sugar Daddy’ dating.

‘Mututally Beneficial Relationships’ …”s homepage

The site is used by wealthy businessmen with an average income of £170,000 a year and allows ‘Sugar Babies’ to join for free if they sign up with their uni email address.

In exchange for a relationship, they are splashed with gifts and even given cash allowances.

The average female student on the site receives a whopping £5000 a month for their services.

A survey last year revealed 80% of matches on SeekingArrangement involve sex, but its founder Brandon Wade denied it was a form of prostitution.

He said: “Because the relationship between a sugar daddy and a sugar baby is romantic in nature, most sugar relationships will likely involve ‘sex.”

“Because a sugar daddy is expected to be the generous gentleman, ‘money’ will always be spent on the sugar baby. I don’t see anything wrong (or illegal) with that!”

Top 10 Sugar Daddy Unis:

1. University of Kent – 208

2. University of Nottingham – 195

3. University of Manchester – 175

4. University of Cambridge – 166

5. University of Leeds – 143

6. University of St. Andrews – 141

7. University of Bristol – 134

8. University of Exeter – 122

9. University of Northampton – 117

10. University of Westminster – 110

Eligible bachelors? … Some of the ‘Sugar Daddies’ the site has to offer


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