Arson attack in Hyde Park

5 cars burned out in Hyde Park blaze

A student’s car was burned out in Hyde Park over the weekend in an arson attack, which also saw a further four vehicles damaged. 

Fire services were called to Edwin Road at around 5am on Sunday morning to deal with the blaze.

Jacob Curtis told The Tab: “My flatmate woke me up at about 4am, and the fire brigade were outside extinguishing my car.”

“They had already put out the fires on the two other cars across the road”

He added: “Someone is coming tomorrow hopefully to get my car and assess the damage, but most likely a write off due to smoke and water damage through the whole car. The boot has all melted on the inside as well.”

A police spokesperson said: “Vehicle windows were smashed but nothing was taken, there were no obvious motives.”

“We are working with the fire service on actual causes for an evidential lead.”

They added: “If anyone has any further information which will assist us, contact the Hyde Park and Woodhouse NPT on the 101 helpline.”