Leeds Cocktail Recipes

KERRY WILLIAMS presents the cocktails for a truly Leeds inspired pre-drinks

Sometimes a bottle of wine or a cheap cider just isn’t what you want before a big night out.

But cocktails are always a winner for pre-drinks. Here’s some new Leeds themed cocktail for you to try.

Yorkshire Island Iced Tea

This one combines two favourites of Leeds folk: Yorkshire tea and alcohol. But it does take a little longer to make so you have to be organised.

To start, make a mug of tea with 2 tea bags and leave to stand for 5 minutes, then remove the tea bags. Next, pour the mixture into a pitcher (or, you know, a big jug, pint glass, whatever…). Wait ten minutes for the tea to cool down, then add a cup of cold water and refrigerate for 2-3 hours. After this, take the tea out of the fridge. Add 1 teaspoon of sugar, 2 shots of amaretto, and 2 shots of golden rum. Give it a stir and it’s ready to drink!

Pre-student loan pint

It’s the week before student loans are due. You have a tenner to last you a week but obviously drinking takes priority over food shopping, so for this cocktail you’ll have to use what you have in your cupboard. And what does every student have in their cupboard? Baked beans.

Use a spoon to mash up a tin of baked beans in a glass. Add two shots of vodka to your beans; if you don’t have vodka then use whatever spirits you can find. Get a bit creative with whatever is lying around in the kitchen- herbs, lemon juice, Worcester sauce.. Mix it all up and your nutritious pre-student loan cocktail is ready!


Post-student Loan Bellini

You’re student loan has just come in and you feel like a millionaire. Yes, you’re slowly learning that it will only last a month and that you should probably budget, but of course you choose to splash out instead.

For this cocktail, add about two tablespoons of peach juice and a shot of peach schnapps to a champagne flute and fill with champagne!


Hyde Park Mojito

A cocktail including all traditional mojito ingredients such as mint, lime and rum, as well as a Hyde Park house party favourite: jägermeister!

For a Hyde Park Mojito place a few mint leaves, 2 wedges of lime and one teaspoon of sugar in a glass and muddle with a spoon. Fill the glass with ice cubes, pour over 2 shots of bacardi (or a cheaper alternative!) and one shot of jägermeister then fill with sprite


Headingley Martini

For this martini mix 4 shots of gin and a shot of vermouth with a teaspoon of caster sugar and some ice. To give it that special Headingley touch add a shot of one of those Otley Run shots we all regret: tequila.


Can you top these with your own cocktail creations? Let us know in the comments.