Bargain Booze in Union bars

Leeds is one of the best places to study if you want to drink on the cheap

You might have been told alcohol is cheaper ‘up north’ before coming to uni.

But now it’s official: Leeds Union has the second cheapest student bars in the UK

Pint sized prices … £2 beers were introduced last year

For a round of drinks, including a pint, a glass of wine and a vodka mixer, Leeds students would pay just £6.27 according to new data.

Unlucky students at the University of Ulster would have to fork out £8.90 for the same amount.

Surprisingly the best place to study if you want to booze on the cheap was found to be Bristol, where the round would cost a bargain £5.80.

John Ball, manager of Terrace said: “Last year we tried to be competitive with our drink prices, as seen in our ‘5 to 9’deals and the increase in drinks priced at £1.50 or £2 since we wanted to compete with the top city chains and local pubs around campus.”