Lights Out on Nights Out

3,250 street lights to be switched off in energy saving blackout

Students of Leeds may find themselves plunged into darkness as a result of council cuts across the city.

A staggering 3,250 lights will be turned off from midnight until 5:30 in an attempt to save money and cut carbon emissions.

But for students, who often live in high crime areas, this decision will come as a devastating blow to their after-hours safety.

Over the next three years, this would more than double to 8,000 of the city’s street lights being switched off for the same time period.

Union Community Officer Frankie O’Byrne told The Tab: “Students have told us they feel unsafe in low-lit areas. Leeds City Council should be doing everything they can to ensure students and residents feel safe, not jeopardising their welfare for a relatively small saving.”

James, a third year maths student added: “This is crazy, I won’t feel safe when I’m walking home from a night out anymore- it’s like turning all of Leeds into Woodhouse Moor.”

Councillor Richard Lewis said: “It is important to say we do have the flexibility to turn the lights back on again if major problems arise.”

The project has already begun in Otley, Yeadon and Wharfedale and there are plans to work inwards to affect areas closer to the city centre.