Jailbreak 2013: LIVE

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Welcome to our RAG Jailbreak coverage.

Last year’s winners who got to Budapest, but where will this year’s champions end up?

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Day two

21.00 11 flights, 18,419 miles and 17,503 hours later, Jailbreak 2013 has come to an end. And here’s the leader board:

1) Alex and James – New York – 3354 miles

2) Robbie and Jamie – Tenerife – 1919 miles

3) Katy and Jasmeet – Murcia, Spain – 1093 miles

4) Ollie and Suzie – Budapest, Hungary – 997 miles

5) Pheobe, James, Scott – Budapest, Hungary – 997 miles

6) Danielle and Thula – Madrid – 931 miles

7) Karl and Elliot – Barcelona – 874 miles

8) Ellie and Jordan – Stockholm – 835 miles

9) Ollie and Will – Berlin – 624 miles

9) Elliot, Jess and George – Berlin – 624 miles

10) Alice and Lucy – Lund, Sweden – 601 miles

11) Issy and Vicky – Strasbourg, France – 540 miles

12) Hannah and Joe – Luxembourg – 438 miles

12) Robin and Tom – Luxembourg – 438 miles

13) Saskia, Grace and George – Dusseldorf – 392 miles

14) Karlee and Rowena – Paris – 381 miles

14) Poppy and Shereen – Paris – 381 miles

15) Marcus, Hannah and James – Roscoff – 366 miles

16) Claire in Naomi – Caen – 323 miles

17) Joe and Alex – Brussels – 322 miles

17) Daniel and Ollie – Brussels – 322 miles

18) Dave and Phil – Amsterdam – 285 miles

19) Rebecca, Lydia and Callum – The Hague – 271 miles

20) Tom and Katrina – Gravelines, France – 248 miles

21) Pete and Dom – Dover – 220 miles

21) James, Amber and Claire – Dover – 220 miles

22) Jo, Steph and James – Newhaven – 218 miles

23) Dan and Andy – Dublin – 195 miles

TBC) Richard, Kadey and Bethany

And here are the pictures to prove it:

19.00 Only two hours to go! Doesn’t look like our New York team will be caught.

17.58 One WKD too many has sent Jaz over the edge. His shades may be cool, but his behaviour certainly isn’t.

Long suffering partner Katy Sexton is begging for dolla to get him home.

17.55 Confirmed. Those lovable rogues just can’t get enough of Wigan.

17.51 “Fuck the rules,” is the message we’re getting from dream team Marcus, Hannah and James, who don’t plan on coming back to Leeds once the 36 hours are up. Rumour has it James’ parents have a sick house in the south of France, and the trio are planning on a spot of sunbathing instead of rushing back to lectures. We’re well jel.

PS. They’re not ruling out a second trip to Wigan in the near future.

17.42 Eek. Saskia “Saskia Wills” Wills got mistaken for a Jehovah’s Witness on her way to Germany this morning.

17.36 Andy’s called it. After a day of trying to get out of Dublin airport, he’s decided to get boozed in Ireland tonight. Good effort.

17.29 It’s desperate times in Folkestone as Pete and Dom resort to poor analogies and shit chat. If anyone’s in the area, help them. Please.

17.25 Right, so we know this is all about charity, but appaz the three teams to get the furthest from Leeds will win festival tickets.

New York is evidently unreachable, but let’s check out the contenders for second and third place:

Sexy Sexton and Jaz are in Murcia (1093 miles) but are getting pissed on WKDs, so can definitely be caught up.

Dani and Thula are in Madrid (931 miles). Could they overtake the boozers currently in second place?

Karl and Elliot are poon hunting in Barcelona, and it doesn’t look like they’ll be heading anywhere.

James, Pheobe and Scott are flying to Budapest (997 miles). Could be a strong contender for a festival ticket.

Ollie and Suzie are dark horses who are currently in Salzburg, but we bet their plucky nature could get them even further.

Jamie and Robbie are on a plane. They’re being mysterious, but seem confident – could they come second?

17.13 Karlee and Rowenna are heading back to Charles de Gaulles for one last ditch attempt to get out of Paris. Rumour has it they’ll do ANYTHING to get out of France. Any takers?

17.01 Friends of sunburnt Karl Taylor have taken to Twitter to voice their concerns.

We asked reputable advice website Yahoo Answers what he should do when he gets back, and we think the answer is to cover it up with more fake tan.

You can’t say we don’t look after you…

16.46 Over in Murcia, Sexy Sexton is desperately trying to get Jaz to sober up after his WKD binge by feeling him bread and meat. Out thoughts are with you, Sexton.

16.45 And we’ve heard from Marcus, Hannah and James, who earned £40 in a pub and are FINALLY getting out of England. Looks like your initiative worked…

16.43 New intel just in that Alice and Lucy have settled in Lund, Sweden, where they plan to lash hard later.

16.25 Some absolute classic citrus-based banter coming from everyone’s favourite sunburnt Jedward lookalike:

16.23 With less than five hours to go, let’s have a look at our top ten:

  1. Alex and James in New York – 3354 miles
  2. Sexy Sexton and Jaz in Murcia, Spain – 1093 miles
  3. Danielle and Thula in Madrid – 931 miles
  4. Ladies’ men Binks and Taylor in Barcelona – 874 miles
  5. 1D groupies Ellie and Jordan in Stockholm – 835 miles
  6. Ollie and Suzie in Salzburg, Austria – 758 miles
  7. Ollie and Will in Berlin – 624 miles
  8. Alice and Lucy in Sweden – 593 miles
  9. Hannah and Joe / Robin and Tom in Luxembourg – 438 miles
  10. Saskia, Grace and George in Dusseldorf – 392 miles
And don’t forget James, Phoebe and Scott will be on their way to Budapest… but will they make it in time?

16.19 Binks and Taylor are wandering the streets of Barcelona. But while Binks is eyeing up the totty, Taylor’s got just one thing on his mind…

16.06 Two hours ago, Tab faves Marcus, Hannah and James announced brand new plans to use their initiative. We’ve heard nothing since and we’re starting to worry. Has anyone heard from our favourite Actimel drinkers?

15.57 More pertinent questions from The Tab. Would you rather be sunbathing in Murcia or making snow angels in Copenhagen?

15:53 Sexy Katie Sexton and Jaz are enjoying WKDs in the sun in Murcia. Beaut.

“Fuck New York,” slurs Sexton, VK in hand, as she checks out the weather forecast.

15.36 Times are changing, Leeds, as our intrepid travellers are in luck.

Charity warriors James, Phoebe and Scott are off to Budapest, which is 996 miles away.

15.16 After 12 long hours in Dover, Calum, Rebecca and Lydia are on a ferry to Dunkirk in France.

Tom and Katrina are also on ferry, and we think they’re heading for Belgium.

Stay strong, teams. There’s still plenty of time to make steps in the right direction.

14.52 And our favourite groupie is back. We’ve missed you, Natasha.

14.37 Yesterday, they found a spoon. Today, they’re off to Caen. It’s been a good 24 hours for Naomi and Claire.

14.33 Here’s a picture of the Alicante team arriving five hours ago…

And a map of the remainder of their route to La Torre Resort (note: they’re having a cheeky Mail Online stalk in another tab…)

14.18 Our smelly Cologne pioneers are on a train. But where are they heading?

14.12 Reports just in confirm that Dover is indeed the worst place in the world.

14.02 Ahh bless. Megalad Bob (Jess’s Grandad) has written in to wish Jess good luck.

13.59 Meanwhile, Scandi-chic is apparently in vogue right now, as Alice and Lucy are head off for a spot of skiing in Copenhagen.

And on the other side of Europe, Hannah are Joe are checking out the meat market in Luxembourg, where they’ve just spotted some wild boar and deer from their train window.

13.56 Oops. Our Egypt correspondent was offering A bed to anyone who ends up in Eej – not TO bed anyone who makes it there. Soz, babe. Our bad.

13.41 News just in that Marcus, Hannah and James were thrown off a ferry at Plymouth, and are stranded. Don’t worry, guys. There’s plenty to do in Plymouth.

13.36 Jamie and Robbie – the team who made it to Cockfosters – have become absolute pun masters. But where are they heading? Check this out:

Want to come and write for The Tab, boys?

13.29 It’s all doom and gloom, as The Tab hears reports of Dover being an “absolute shithole” from Claire.

Meanwhile, Jedward lookalike Karl (who’s travelling with Leeds’ Lothario Binks) has burnt in the sun. Hasn’t he heard of factor 30?

13.26 But Calum Jacobs doesn’t want to leave the Netherlands, and he’s off to The Hague for some good, old-fashioned, Dutch fun.

13.24 Thanks to a prefect Dutch stranger, there’s only One Direction for Saskia and her team, who have blagged a train to Germany.

13.17 The Tab’s Egypt correspondent is offering to bed anyone who makes it to Eej. If that’s not an incentive to get on a plane, I don’t know what is.

13.01 Tab favourites Karlee and Rowena are stuck in Paris, getting pretty desp.

12.52 Tab editor David Pratt is heading to Amsterdam and tweeting entirely in capital letters. Use protection, stay safe and don’t take drugs.

12.46 Shorts are on and guns are out in Barca, where Binks and Karl are apparently on the pull. Ladies, you’ve been warned.

12.38 Faced with a lack of hope, luck and international air miles, Hannah and Joe have settled down in Luxembourg and are about to tuck into their lunch as they wait for another train.

12.25 Name drop from ladies’ man Binks.

But our poll tels us that most of you lot don’t even know who the 1D singer is. Binks, we’ve got one message for you:

12.14 Big news from Jedward lookalike Jamie Taylor, who’s in London on the way to Cockfosters. How’s he tweeting underground?

12.07 Meanwhile, Marcus, Hannah and James are still on a train (poss to Brum?) and can see the sea.

12.04 OurJailbreak warriors have raised a massive £17,267 so far. With nine hours left, we reckon that’s a pretty solid effort.

12.02 News just in that Saturday will see a 1D shop open in Leeds. Could Harry Styles become a Leeds regular?

11.55 So appaz everyone in Leeds knows Harry Styles. Do you?

11.48 No luck for Saskia “Saskia Wills” Wills who was escorted from the motorway in Germany just seconds after crossing the border.

11.47 Binkywinky has only gone and nabbed himself a return ticket from Barcelona tomorrow. We’re well jel.

11.38 And we’ve got a healthy bit of self congratulation from the smelly pioneering duo who made it to Cologne without flying.

11.35 But it’s not all good news. Spare a thought for Andy and Dan who have been playing eye spy at the airport for 13 hours. Looks like they won’t be able to put their official team motto (“sun’s out, guns out”) into practise after all.

11.28 Shit just got real. Sammy has tweeted his text conv with big dogs Jordan and Ellie, who claim to be receiving support from 1D’s HARRY STYLES.

11.22 BREAKING NEWS: A late surge from our team of champions Jordan and Ellie are due to fly from Berlin to Stockholm after a generous donation from HARRY STYLES. Apparently he just wanted to help a brutha out. We hope they were safe.

11.19 The Tab’s legal expert wishes to issue to warning to maverick James Roberts. “Be careful, because sometimes laws abroad are different to ours in England.” Insightful stuff.

11.15 The shockers just keep coming in, as Tab maverick James Roberts takes to Twitter to debate the ethics of prostitution. He’s only in Dover, but word has it he mistook it for South Africa this morning.

11.10 It’s time for another poll. So far, you (wrongly) told us that Grace wouldn’t make it out of the country (she’s in Antwerp sans a cuddly toy), and that BOOBS matter more than BRAINS.

But, do you reckon anyone can beat NYC?

10.59 Tom Hopcroft and his babe stopped off for a romantic stroll in Canterbury before catching a bus to Dover. Jailbreak is getting serious.

10.56 Yesterday’s spoon hunters cut their losses and when they failed to make it out of London, and spent the night at Naomi’s parents’ house. Here’s hoping the ‘rents had ample cutlery.

10.53 And it seems the boring bits of Europe really are in vogue right now, with the majority of our teams shaking their moneymakers (buckets) in Belgium and the south of France.

Meanwhile, a few of our teams are still stuck in Gatwick, having failed to cross the border. Stay strong, chaps.

10.49 Let’s take another quick look at the leader board, compiled by our friends at Leeds RAG:

10.39 Shocking scenes as Tab celebrity Grace and Tab editor David Pratt tweet pictures of an abandoned onesie.

10.22 Sexual tension is growing between Suzie and Ollie, who’ve overcome smell issues and sleep depravation to be together. Is there anything this hot new couple can’t handle?

10.14 Action is picking up at Dover, as James Roberts is reportedly on the rampage (again), much to the dismay of his long-suffering team (pictured below).

10.11 Let’s all spare a thought for Marcus, Hannah and James, who spent the majority of yesterday developing an absolute passion for Wigan. Realising they couldn’t move to Wigan permanently, they recognised that they’re on a charity hitchhike and tore themselves away from the town that stole their hearts. WHICH INDUSTRIAL TOWN WILL THEY FIND THEMSELVES IN NEXT?

10.07 While you lot slept, our intrepid travellers were jet setting around the world. Overnight, this is where your winners got to:

1. Alex and James (real names: Ollie Bobroff and Will Burbage) are en route to New York (3354 miles).

2. Karl Binks and ladies’ man Elliot are in Barcelona (874 miles) tucking into a continental breakfast

3. Ollie and Will AND Elanor and Jordan are in Berlin (624 miles)

4. Karlee and Rowena are in Paris (380 miles)

5. Elliot, George and Jess made it to Amsterdam (285 miles)

Other Jailbreakers with a need for speed have gone far too. Highlights below:

– Katy and Jasmeet boarded flights to Alicante this morning.

– Marcus, Hannah and James have left Wigan for the bright lights of Birmingham.

– Steph, Jo and James are stranded in Brighton.

– Amid reports of Sheffield uni Jailbreakers PAYING to cross the channel, lots of our (more honest, but colder) teams are stuck in Dover. Rumour has it, it’s turning into quite the orgy.

– Suzie and Ollie have made it to Cologne.

 – Speed demons Dan and Andy are still in Dublin, having visited both Belfast and Blackpool en route.

They enjoyed an absolute meat feast last night.

– Everyone’s favourite losers (Grace and co) are on their way to Folkestone, but couldn’t resist a bit of motorway loving on the M20.

Here’s a picture of former fitties Dani and Thula sleeping rough at Gatwick:

Aaaand resident hunk Tom Bradbury spent the night in South Bromley. Possibly alone. Form an orderly queue, ladies.

09.33 Meanwhile hapless Tab editor Dave Pratt spent the night with his gran in Slough. “I’m considering going home,” he said.

09.23 The main news is that Alex and James are on their way to New York City – 3354 miles from Leeds. Other good efforts:

•  Katy and Jaz are in Alicante (1047 miles)

• Karl and Dan are in Barcelona (874 miles)

• Oliver and Will AND Elanor and Jordan in Berlin (624 miles)

09.00 Standby for a full update on all the teams, but we had to share this photo of Peter and Dom who spent the night in exotic Folkestone. Some very optimistic sunglasses on display.

Day one

19.48 That’s us done for the day. While the Jailbreakers beg, steal or borrow their tickets out of the UK, we’re getting some rest. See you tomorrow morning – it doesn’t finish until 9pm….

19.25 Fran Goddard asks the question we are too – how do they get back?

19.17: Elliot Binks and Karl Taylor are going to Barcelona and here’s the proof:

Meanwhile, Dave Pratt texts us to say he’s had his first cry of the trip.

18.48: Tab editor Dave Pratt is still on a Megabus to London. He’d also like to point out he’s not on his own, he’s with ‘a mate’. Which may or may not be his teddy bear…

18.38: Karl Taylor is checking in for a flight to Barcelona – is that the furthest yet?

18.10: Is it just us, or are Marcus, Hannah and James flirting with us?

18.02: And the Wigan fanatics are embracing the local spirit by looking for trouble. Rumour has it they actually WANT to be arrested. Any Northern trouble makers, head to the motorway. Marcus, Hannah and James await.

17.50: Emotional blackmail resulted in a legal battle for our resident Wigan enthusiasts. Will they be arrested? Only time will tell.

17.43: Wigan enthusiasts Marcus, Hannah and James have resorted to emotional blackmail.

17.21: They’ve found a spork. CLAIRE AND NAOMI HAVE FOUND A SPORK. They may be stuck in London, but at least they’ve found a spork.


17.15: They partied in Wakefield and now they’re cruising the high way. Is there no stopping these lovable rogues?

17.11: New intel just in. Marcus, Hannah and James are cold but still hustling in Wigan.

16.58: Right, chaps. Let’s see where we’re up to.

– Ollie and Will will board their flight to Berlin at 7pm

– Elliot, George and Jess are en route to Calais

– Dan and Andy are leaving for Belfast at 5pm

– And – hold your horses – Grace, Saskia and George have LEFT Leeds


It’s a big moment for Grace and co, but The Tab’s just heard that they’ve made it out of Leeds. The 45% of you who voted in our poll were right – she did manage to leave the city…

16.38: News just in: Will and Ollie are off to Berlin.

But there will be NO DEGREES of warmth there tomorrow. How will those boys keep warm? Any volunteers in Germany?

16.35: Let’s check the weather.

In Calais, where Elliot, George and Jess are heading, it’ll be 7C tomorrow.

But in Belfast it’s only 6C. Tough luck, Dan and Andy.

16.33: We just don’t understand. Peter and Dom are tweeting about tea towels, and we just don’t know why. Can someone please explain?

16.30: AIRPORT ROUND UP: We’ve got teams in Manchester, Heathrow, Blackpool, Stanstead and Gatwick. Word has it there are dramatic scenes at Heathrow.

16.24: Elliot, George and Jess are leaving Dover and making their way to Calais.

16.07: Hannah and Joe are blozzing their way to Stanstead…

… and some of their past conquests are hoping they’ll never return.

16.05: Thanks to our friends at Leeds RAG for the amazing map.

The top teams, as it stands, are:

1. Andrew and Dan in Belfast

2. Elliot, George and Jess in Dover

3. Alice and Lucy also in Dover

Danielle and Thula are in last place in Stoke-on-Trent… and we can’t help but notice that Grace hasn’t checked in. Does anyone know: is she still in Leeds?

15.52: Bully Bennett and his spoons are back.

Meanwhile, James Roberts’ team have been kicked off their train from Manchester. Hang in there, comrades. We have faith.

15.45: Kicked off at Banbury only to be kicked off AGAIN in Oxford. Is there no end to Claire, Amber and James’ torment?

15.40: Josh “huge biceps” Bennett has waded in on SpoonGate2k13, and is taunting hungry girls Claire and Naomi with pictures of ample cuttlery.

15.36: BREAKING (again): Could Dan and Andy be the first team to leave English soil?

Rumour has it they’re jetting off to a late St Paddy’s Day celebration.

15.25: And they’re back on the road. After being kicked off the train in Banbury, Claire, Amber and James charmed a man on the platform who got them on the next train. Fingers crossed they’ll get further this time.

15.20: Ladies’ man Binkywinky is off to Gatwick, where he’ll try to charm his way onto a plane.

Meanwhile, dream team Claire, Amber and James have been kicked off their train and are stranded in Banbury.

And Jailbreak’s arbiter of wisdom reminds Naomi and Claire that they won’t need a spork to eat their yoghurt if they do end up in Pakistan.

14.54: Terrible news for Dan and Andy, who may not be getting further than the Isle of Man today.


And it’s time for a little update:

– Steph, Jo and Morley have just left Northampton services. A full report on their method of escape to follow.

– Elliot and Karl are getting cosy en route to Surrey.

– Elliot, George and Jess are making their way to Dover.

– And losers Grace, Saskia and George are still in Leeds. So far, 100% of our voters reckon you can make it out of the country. The Tab believes in you.

14.46: URGENT: Claie and Naomi are looking for a spoon, but apparently a spork will do. Can anyone en route to London help them?

14.42: And back to the team with a groupie. Word’s just in they’re en route to London. If they get to Pakistan, Natasha’s in charge. Shit’s about to get real.

In other news, Natasha (aka. lil-rascal-backer)  is fast becoming a Jailbreak celeb.

14.34: We’re naming and shaming. Let’s relive Grace, Saskia and George’s day.

They started off feeling bright and bushy tailed…

… then they got rained on by the side of the M1…

… and they ended up in McDonald’s for a bite to eat.

Come on, Leeds. Let’s show Grace our support. Votes below.

14.31: BREAKING: Six hours in, and Stephanie is off (that’s right, off) the M1. News just in that she’s meeting “lovely” people at Southampton Services… whatever that may mean.

14.05: Right, where were we?

Intel just in tells us Jailbreak has raised a whopping £16,664 for charity so far. Good effort, chaps.

After a morning of meat munching from Elliot Binks, he’s made it… to Surrey.

Rogue moves from The Tab’s favourite hunks Robbie and James, who appear to have given up on the game and are clockwatching in London.

Warriors Amber, James and Claire are taking this shit more seriously, and are on a train to Bournemouth.

Joanne, Stephanie and James are stranded on the M1. Rumour has it at least two of them will be hooking up later, and James isn’t keen.

Tom’s team are en route to Sheffield with a friendly Iraqi vet.

Calum, Rebecca and Lydia are living the high life on a Megabus to London.

OH HANG ON. I just picked my jaw up off the floor, fitties Karlee and Rowena are flying (that’s right, flying) a plane to Heathrow. Rumour has it at least one of them has joined the mile high club. That’s one lucky, lucky pilot.

Devastating scenes in Hull as Tab faves Naomi and Claire have been kicked off a ferry and have taken to sorting out immigration laws on Twitter.

Kadey, Richard and Bethany are on a bus to Wakefield. We don’t know why.

Tom, Robin, Alice and Lucy are on a minibus to Leicester, where they hope to start hustlin’ again.

Loser Grace is tucking into a Maccy D whopper in… Leeds. Up your game, Gracie. The competition’s hotting up.

Meanwhile, everyone’s favourite groupie is dishing out Asian love.

11.24 Tab editor Dave Pratt calls in: “We are gagging for a lift on the M1. Hands are cold but spirits are high.” Reports that Dave is the first person to ever Jailbreak on his own are unconfirmed. Lone wolf.

11.13 Talk about friends in high places. Rowenna Harris & Karlee Dunn-Jackson have put in a call to British Airways chief Keith Williams and secured a flight from London to Manchester. All in aid of Caudwell Children charity.

11.03: Alice and Lucy mean serious business as they get in a car to Sheffield with lovable rogue Gazza.

There’s no planes or trains for these bad boys. They mean business.

11.02: Scenes are getting heated as Tab favourites Claire and Naomi wats to smuggle Jason (of giving them a lift to the port fame) with them. Could they be the first team to join the mile high club?

10.57: BREAKING: Dramatic scenes as our first team has acquired a groupie. Stay tuned, we’ll keep you updated.

10.56: The Tab wants to issue an official message of support for those teams still up North. Keep going, comrades. We believe in you.

10.48: News just in, Claire and Naomi are getting a lift to the port from local “legend” Jason. Apparently, they’re living by only one motto today: Take this shit seriously, or go home.

10.44: Nearly two hours in, and you’ve answered in your masses.

Leeds, you reckon boobs will get you further than brains today. Only time will tell…

10.41: Pete and Dom were last seen running to catch the train to London. Is there no stopping these speed demons?

10.37: OK, let’s catch up with our Jailbreak heroes

– We’ve got the girls with boobs and brains, Claire and Naomi, en route to Hull

– James, Joanne and Steph are heading for the bright lights of Nottingham

– Copycats Karl and Elliot are following them to Nottingham

– Katrina and Tom are cruisin’ to Wakefield

– Tab mavericks Amber, James and Claire off to Manchester

– Elliot, George and Jess are making their way to the Big Smoke

And Dani and Thula are off to Halifax. Erm, that’s the wrong way, girls. You’re morons.

10.33: Advice just in from last year’s Jailbreak veterans: “If you value your sanity, avoid Dover and Calais. If it’s too late, raise money to get outta there – it’s bloody hard to hitch from either, because coppers will think you’re in illegal immigrant.”

You heard her.

10.29: Naomi Thornley and Claire Dowse – who have both brains and boobs – are off to Hull, and they’re dreaming of Rotterdam or Zeebrugge. Things are kicking off…

10.22: Pertinent question from The Tab: Which gets you further in jailbreak, brains or boobs?

10.20: Charitable babes Karlee and Rowenna are living the high life in first class. We bet they’re feasting on more than citrus fruits and yoghurt drinks …

10.14: Marcus, Hannah and James – the team of champions existing on just an Actimel and a tangerine – have just tweeted about their “first pick up.” We don’t know what kind of pick up they’re talking about, but we’re behind them.

10.10: Scandal: Before ladies’ man Elliott Binks managed to charm the train conductor, he planned to cheat.

That’s not very charitable, is it? We’ve got our eye on you, Binks.

10.07: BREAKING: Megabus are appaz more charitable than National Express, and Amber Druce is on a train to Manchester.

Meanwhile, The Tab has just heard that Elliott Binks is on a train to Nottingham, and is hustlin’ for doe in the first class carriage.

Our friends at Leeds RAG are also running a blog here.

9.54: And they’re off! Jamie Taylor and Robbie Russell are on a train to London, thanks to Piotr at the station’s ticket office.

9.50: Before we receive our first update, let’s remind ourselves what this year’s intrepid explorers have to beat.

This is how last year’s lot fared:

9.30: The day has finally arrived. Weeks of planning, preparation and bribing from our teams have come down to this.

The 31 pairs that make up this year’s RAG Jailbreak contestants gathered at the Parkinson steps just half an hour ago. Now, they’ve left and they have one goal in mind: to get as far as they can in the next 36 hours, using only their powers of persuasion.

Last year’s winners who got to Budapest, but where will this year’s champions end up?

Tweet us with updates and pictures @TheTabLeeds, and follow all the action live on this page.