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Subscribe to The Economist and receive 12 issues for just £1 with The Tab.

For over 150 years, The Economist has been bringing the world’s elite insightful news and analysis from the fields of geopolitics and macro-economics.

For over several weeks, The Tab has been bringing students cutting-edge reports and comment from the world of banter and booze in which they live.

So it was only a matter of time before the two titans of world publishing teamed up to offer Britain’s cash-strapped students a recession-busting subscription offer, bringing The Economist’s unmissable journalism to the leaders of tomorrow.

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If you fancy yourself as a future policy-maker, you really should be reading newspapers and clever magazines every day. Applying for a job in government, finance or journalism? You’ll be laughed out the room if you’re not clued up on what’s going on.

So bloody well educate yourself for the princely sum of only £1. For that, you’ll receive 12 issues of The Economist.

Like those at The Tab, Economist writers pen their words with clarity and a charming flair, bringing you the news in a jargon free but fiercely astute package.

A quid is only 100 pennies away from being free, so take advantage while you can. Don’t worry though, dear reader. The Tab will remain free to friends and foes alike.