Paedo or Poirot?

Paedo or Poirot? Vote on our selection of Movember efforts

As the Mo-mentous month of November draws to a close, The Tab presents a selection of Movember attempts.

While most of us may think our efforts put us amongst the likes of Hercule Poirot in terms of suavity (it’s a real word), it can also be the case that we wouldn’t look out of place sharing a pint with the Child Snatcher from Chitty Bang Bang.

Due to the subjectivity of such claims, the only remaining sensible option is to put the question to you, our dear reader, as to whether our heroes of Movember are more likely to be solving crimes or stocking up on pic ‘n’ mix.

The wispy slug

The Child Catcher’s effort

Keith Lemon

Le Piece De Resistance

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