Jake Warren

News on Booze: Episode 3

We’re back serving up a snapshot of public opinion regarding the week’s hottest topics

News On Booze: Episode 2

We went and found out what you had to say about the week’s events. You didn’t disappoint.

News on Booze

Video: our man Jake Warren meets Leeds’ finest locals.

LEEDS: Do The Harlem Shake

Everyone’s at it. Now the Tab brings you Leeds Uni’s best Harlem Shakes

News On Booze: Episode 1

We went and found out what Leeds’s finest had to say on the week’s events.

Procrastinate Like a Champ

Streamline your procrastination with our pick of leeds-based novelty accounts.

Paedo or Poirot?

Paedo or Poirot? Vote on our selection of Movember efforts

Everyone wants to be DeeJay

‘Welcome to Leeds what can I get you a bag mephedrone or some dub to step to’

Nightclub photos of the week

Tequila Frat Party

Body shots and free-flowing alcohol can only mean one thing: It’s this week’s Tequila video.

Classic Tequila

Tequila Tequila

“We’re glad the Warhammer society could be here tonight”

Tequila Mexicana

“Tequila is like the Milan Vs Liverpool final, first half you think you have F all but second half you end up going home with everything”

Growing Up And Ninjas


Watch the craze taking Leeds by storm: it’s McDiving

Like a Virgin

Dry patches are like ninjas; they sneak up on you

How to be awesome

It’s been a long journey in my life coming from a small fat Scotsman into the fine lady killing specimen I am today! Through this “how to” column I plan to enlighten all of Leeds in the arts of how to achieve this high level of awesomeness on a day to day basis. The step by…