Spiked or smashed?

Girls who claim they were spiked at Fruity told no drugging took place.

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Two female students who claimed their drinks were spiked at Fruity have been told they were simply too drunk.

Both girls had to be stretchered out of the popular Union night after collapsing unexpectedly.

Fruity was the scene of two spiking complaints

But St John’s Ambulance said they could find no medical evidence of date rape drugs being used.

The paramedics concluded in both cases, on October 26 and November 2, the students probably passed out because they were too drunk.

The conclusion will baffle the girls and their friends, who both insisted they had been spiked as soon as they regained consciousness.

One victim, who passed out at last Friday’s Fruity, told Leeds Student: “It was pretty awful and not what I expected from a student night in the Union.”

Her friend told the paper: “She seemed fine, as if just drunk, but then all of a sudden she felt like she needed to sit down and when she did she started losing consciousness, I got her attention and she came round but then lost consciousness again.”

The friend insisted her condition must have been caused by something other than alcohol.

In another incident a week earlier, a girl collapsed at the union bar and needed help from paramedics. However, paramedics again concluded she passed out because of alcohol.