Varsity: as it happened

Relive a day of high drama with great pics, choice tweets and all the highlights

final score UNI 30 – 30 MET

Welcome to The Tab‘s Varsity live blog, bringing you all the action as Unay take on Met in the biggest day of the sporting calendar.

20.55 It’s all over – UNI WIN THE RUGBY and there is an OVERALL TIE! Thanks for following our coverage. Check out our full report and stay tuned to The Tab for any post-game shenanigans.

20.40 TRY UNI. That must be it. A converted try takes it to 27-11 with 13 mins to go

20.36 Couple of Met pens make it 20-11. This is not over, but for now Uni look set to win the rugby.

20.27 We’re about an hour in and still no streakers. Mick Bustin isn’t pleased, and I bet he’s not the only one:

Maybe you should get your pecker out, Mick…

20.20 PENALTY TRY AND ITS 20-5 UNI. Mayhem in the stands

20.11 Lauren Juniper tweets this picture of a very bleak half time trophy ceremony. Bet you’re glad you stayed home:

 20.01 HALF TIME 13-5. Uni are 40 minutes away from their first ever Rugby Varsity double

19.51 UNI CONVERTED TRY 13-5. Met may as well be in Hackney at the moment because they are strolling down Mare Street.

19.50 LEEDS MET TRY 6-5. Missed conversion.

19.47 Met are pressing but they still can’t find a way through. Punches being thrown around like a frisbee on a summer’s Sunday

19.43 RUGBY 6-0 UNI. Another penalty

19.40 RUGBY: 3-0 UNI

19.32 OVERALL SCORES MET 30-29 UNI which uni need a win in the rugby for a historic draw overall.

19.27 RUGBY HAS KICKED OFF and Met have already missed a penalty.

19.16 Players are on the pitch and we are moments from kick off

19.13 Sofie Tooke has tweeted this pic:


18.54 Shouts of UNAY ringing through the air at the rugby.

18.53 SCORE UPDATE A huge number of results have been announced leaving the scores locked at 28-28 with just five left to call, including the rugby.

18.44 A WIN EACH. Cricket – men’s IIs and Women’s

18.42 MET WIN Basketball IIs. Crikey!

18.41 MET WIN. Men’s Lacrosse

18.36 We are just 24 minutes away from kick off and there are 10,000 screaming nutters in the crowd

18.27 Lovely pic of the winning volleyball team

18.21 RUGBY ODDS William Hill Headingley offering Leeds uni as marginal favourites at 4/9. Met are 7/4 and The Draw is 20/1

17.47 UNI WIN – women’s volleyball. chalk it up!

17.42 It is raining at Headingley Carnegie…

17.36 The pre-match trashtalk has begun, courtesy of a twitter user who calls himself Hazaaaaa. No prizes for guessing where he’s at uni:

17.29 DOUBLE MET WIN – Men’s Hockey 1sts and Women’s football 2nds

17.25 Down at Headingley Carnegie: the bottles are being urinated in and the players are warming up for tonight’s MAIN EVENT, which is just 90 minutes away.

17.21 Emily Yarborough has tweeted a pic of the Varsity hoody she’ll be sporting tonight. I’ll be honest, I don’t like it.

17.14 UNI WIN – Women’s Lacrosse. This is getting more one-sided than Man vs Booze

17.03 Here’s a lovely pic of Dave Smith and Ramzi Cherad taking on Met in the tennis doubles, tweeted by LUU Tennis.

16.57 UNI WIN Men’s hockey 3rds…now that’s a proper sport

16.52 MET WIN Men’s Basketball. No one likes basketball anyway…

16:47 UNI WIN – Netball 2nds.

16.45 James Conville, of unay rugby fame, has tweeted a pic of the big pre-match meal. Is that Wetherspoons??

16.40 UNI WIN. Waterpolo team drown Met in 30-3 victory. Jessy Naylor tweets this pic:

16.34 MET WIN. Rugby league smashed 38-0. And there’s now barely a rizla between them. Getting very tense.

16.33 MET WIN. Bowling 24-0

16:22 UNI WIN – A first ever win for uni athletics. Laura Haslam tweets this picture:

16:15 MET WIN – Golf

16:12 UNI WIN – Equestrian

16:10 UNI DOUBLE WIN – Both the 2nds and 3rds win in the Men’s Rugby union setting tonight’s pivotal game up nicely. Oh, and we’re now at 11-7

15.49 MET WIN – An ugly thrashing in Women’s basketball: 117-12. Back to 2 point gap

15.45 UNI WIN  – Women’s hockey 1sts make it 9-6

15.39 And just as I say it…a two-minute double salvo for Met makes it 2-0 in the football.

15.37 The footballers are deadlocked at 0-0. Here’s a piccy wiccy we found on Twitter. Lovely day:

15.30 With the American Football cancelled, there are 63 points to be won, which means the first uni past 32 wins (assuming there are no draws!)

15.26 The biggest thrashing of the day was Women’s football which saw an 8-0 for Met. To be fair I’d concentrate on my football if I couldn’t go to a proper uni

15.18 American Football has been CANCELLED. Does anyone care?? Comment at the bottom of the page

15.13 Big surge and it’s now 8-6 to UNI. the lead is narrowing…

15.09 So far we have counted a 7-2 lead for UNAY. More results raining in…

14.56 England scrum-half has been tweeting his support to uni:

14.44 We are struggling to get a current points score for you but we can tell you that at midday uni were leading 2-1. More as we get it.

14.30 Last year the overall score was 30 – 24 to Met, though of course we won the rugby so who cares. Rumours abound that uni will do the double this year and win both rugby and full competition.

14.27 The real event of course is the rugby. Kick off is at 7pm. Want to know who to offer that quickie in the loos to later? Check out the Uni line-up. Here’s a pic of last year’s side who ran out 16-10 winners:

14.21 Not feeling excited yet? Watch this promo video, it’s not quite as good as that paralympics one but it’s aiiight.

14.10 We are halfway through the day and already uni have chalked up a 5 run win in the cricket and are thrashing met in both mens’ and womens’ lacrosse.