King’s finalist tricks fashionistas in hilarious prank video

He made them dote over a Primark handbag

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A King’s student has put the fashion world to shame in a new video.

Julius Dein decided to mock the fashion industry by asking fashionistas to estimate the value of a £5 Primark handbag.

The International Relations finalist,  who has performed magic in Hollywood, filmed the video at the Series 3 Louis Vuitton Exhibition next to the Strand Campus

Predictably, many of the suggestions were way off the mark – with some gushing that the “Tibetan leather” handbag was worth up to £5,000.

Speaking to the Tab, Julius said: “The reaction to this video was really great, especially as many people felt it exactly showed up the pretentiousness of the fashion industry.

“I think that people generally really don’t like to leave their comfort zone, and it is pretty fun to make them do so, even if at some times it can get confrontational.

“This is especially true when you compare people in London to people in the USA, who tend to be so much more relaxed.”

The video, which even caught the eye of news channel Russia Today, is part of Julius’ goal to blur the lines between pranks and social experiments.

“Is it gold plated?”

Julius explained: “This reaction shows that these type of videos definitely strike a chord with people, in addition to just being fun to watch.

“At the moment I am filming, like, every day. In the next video, I’m going to go into London’s toughest estates and perform some mind-bending magic.

“The main thing for me that I want is to get my first viral video by the end of the year.”

At this rate, it’s looking likely.