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There’s a new anti-abortion society at Glasgow University with over 200 members

‘One can be pro-life and pro-women, as the two are not mutually exclusive’

The new pro-life group 'Glasgow University Protection of Unborn People Society' (GUPUPS) has recently been set up, generating much controversy.

Concerns have been initially raised about the distressing and graphic images used in their campaign, pictured below.

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The society’s Facebook page currently has over 250 likes, but not all engagement with the society has been positive. The most recent review reads: “When are we going to stop telling women what they should and shouldn't do with their own bodies? Pregnancy is complex and personal, and forcing someone to go through with something potentially dangerous, unsettling or simply wrong for them for whatever reason is a form of violence.

"It's embarrassing that we're still debating this issue when abortion is a safe and viable procedure that women have a right to. If you don't agree with abortion then don't have one, simple as that. Grow up”.

The society have voiced their intentions to apply to affiliate with the Students’ Representative Council (SRC). In order to affiliate, the society must, among other things, have no more than 20 per cent non-student members, must have at least three committee members (all of which must be student members) and must not replicate the remit of any other club or society currently affiliated with the SRC.

Being affiliated with the SRC means that the society are eligible for funding, SRC minibus hire and can apply for stalls at Freshers’ Fairs.

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Some negative reviews left on the GUPUPS facebook page

The society are determined to raise awareness for their views. They state: “GUPUPS is a group of students doing what they can to help ensure that every unborn person can be allowed the chance to make it into this world”.

GUPUPS stress they are not here to judge women in these circumstances but, nevertheless, defend the inalienable right to life of every conceived child.

They believe: “One can be pro-life and pro-women, as the two are not mutually exclusive”.

Visit their page here.