Glasgow soars above Edinburgh in Guardian uni rankings

‘Scottish Oxbridge’ where you at?

The Guardian has released their 2018 University league tables, and the results should leave University of Glasgow student’s feeling pretty triumphant.

At number 23 on the list, Glasgow has soared above Edinburgh who trail behind at 30th.  A slightly embarrassing blow for Edinburgh who have fallen 7 places since last year’s rankings and been overtaken by both Glasgow and Dundee.

According to the Guardian, Glasgow is also the second highest-ranked university in Scotland, with St Andrews remaining the third choice after Oxford and Cambridge. Dundee falls just behind Glasgow at 24th, and Glasgow’s poly rivals Strathclyde come in at a meagre 52nd place.

A brilliant result for the University, as not only have we jumped up places in the rankings we are also 10% more satisfied with our course than Edinburgh students (slightly surprising, given the revolving library door) we’re also more satisfied with teaching, feedback and have more staff members per student. All in all, top work from Glasgow and a disappointing display from our past superiors.

Oxbridge rejects, hit us up.