Why you should write for The Tab Glasgow next term

You know you wana

We’re recruiting new writers and editors to join our growing team.

Read by three million people per month, The Tab writes stories you care about in a style you want to read.

We’re the only platform left for genuine debate at university, representing multiple viewpoints on campus.

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Our Tab HQ team in London will teach you great journalism skills, and help you with your career.  Our reporters regularly carry out work experience at national papers and have gone on to work for The Guardian, Telegraph, Sunday Times and sites such as Buzzfeed and Vice.

And it’s not just about the journalism, we have legendary socials too. As well as the Glasgow team, we’ve got hundreds of reporters across the UK that meet up for parties every term.

And we want you. We’re looking for reporters, section editors and an editor to grow our expanding team.

You don’t need any journalism experience either, as long as you enjoy finding stories and being part of a team – that’s all that matters to us.

Here’s why our writers love us:

Megan Dye – Glasgow Editor


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When I joined The Tab Glasgow in September last year, I was absolutely petrified, I had never been published before, and I had no clue who any of the other Tab people were. We were a new team, and that in itself had its struggles, but in 15 months we’ve got over 8,000 likes on Facebook and I’ve met some of the best people. Fast forward 15 months and they’re some of my closest friends at uni.

The Tab opens up a ridiculous amount of doors for any young journalist who wants to be published. In just 15 months I’ve gone from being a reporter, to being News Editor, to being Editor of the Tab Glasgow. I’ve got 300,000 hits on my writing, and I have my own amazing team of writers and section editors, and great support at Tab HQ in London, where I’ll be spending a week in January on work experience.

The thrill of beating any of the other student newspapers to a story never gets old, nor does seeing your writing get thousands of hits. The Tab is a fantastic experience alongside your studies, and I couldn’t imagine my time at university without it.

Lizzie Ride – Head of Marketing & Recruitment


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Joining the Tab Glasgow when it started last year was a great decision. I’ve met some amazing people and learnt so much. As head of marketing and recruitment, I meet and welcome new members all the time and I love this aspect of The Tab.

If you’re interested in a career in journalism, The Tab is the perfect place to start and is a great platform to have your voice heard. It’s crazy to think that articles I’ve written have been read by thousands of people.

When we do well, HQ even treats us to booze and socials. What more could you want?

Jenna Macfarlane – Reporter


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I’ve enjoyed being a part of the Tab because I’ve gained some great journalistic experience in a short space of time, and have been given a lot of support. I’ve also made loads of new friends through it all with the same passion for journalism.

Aileen Booth – Vox Pops Editor


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The Tab is really controversial, but it’s a great way to get people reading your stuff. I started writing because I had one good story idea and now I’m a section editor for Glasgow, so there’s definitely room to progress if you put effort in.

I have learnt so much in terms of what people like to read and what they dont, as well as general writing skills. Even if you don’t want to be a journalist when you graduate, the Tab looks great on a CV and because it’s all online you have an online portfolio to show possible employers.

The socials are also really fun, and generally tend to involve lots of free vodka courtesy of HQ.