Meet the teams: Lacrosse

Sweet dreams my LAX

When most of us think of a GUSA sports team, women’s lacrosse might not be the first one to spring to mind. But lacrosse is featured in Mean Girls and Wild Child, so there must be something good in it (aside from perfectly toned calves).

Here’s your very own intro to the gals behind the mouth guards, the dark horses on campus.

What do you even call that? A basket? A net?? Help.

What do you even call that? A basket? A net?? Help

Eleanor, third year, English Lit, 1s captain

lax eleanor

Lacrosse is the best team on campus because we’re very welcoming and friendly. We have such a range of ability. There’s girls on the national team and people who had never even heard of lacrosse before freshers week. Building up the freshers is our favourite part. We’re all best friends, and joining lacrosse was the best decision I’ve made at uni.

Anna, third year, Philosophy, goal keeper

lax anna

Everyone in lacrosse is best pals, we all love each other so much. It’s basically like one big lax family. If you’re bored, you can message the girls and someone will always head to Viper with you.

Susie, second year, Law

lax susie

I love all my lax girls because they’re all so welcoming and supportive of each other. It’s great bumping into them in the Viper toilets. The best part about our club is Charlotte Toms.

Charlotte, fourth year, History/Theology and Religious Studies

lax charlotte

I have an embarrassing story about our 1s captain. We go to beer bar quite a lot to celebrate after matches, and we’ve had to rescue her from the toilets there…twice. Both times, she passed out in the cubicle at about 5pm and one of us had to climb over the toilet door to wake her up and unlock the door.

Aside from moments like that, my time at uni wouldn’t be the same without the lacrosse team. I might get emotional here, because I’m graduating and won’t see or play with these gals every day and that makes me really sad.

Olivia, fourth year, Business and Management

lax olivia

My favourite lax memory is from tour in Manchester three years ago. We did really well actually, especially considering we were playing very drunk and hungover. Well…apart from the fact one of the girls was given a yellow card two minutes into the game, and another one vomited on the pitch.

We spent the whole night dancing on one tiny bar table, and one of the guys from the men’s team dressed up as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. It was definitely a successful trip, especially considering we managed to win the plate, despite being rough as hell.

Dori, second year, English Lit and French & Devon, second year, Politics and French, social sec

lax dori devon

Dori: My most embarrassing moment at lacrosse happened during this year’s freshers week when I was trying to recruit people for the club. I approached a guy who I thought seemed very keen with a lacrosse stick in hand and asked him if he had ever played before and wanted to join the team.

He then proceeded to introduce himself as our very own fourth year men’s captain and ask who I was. In my defence, he had just gotten a haircut and I’d never seen him without a helmet on before.

Devon: It’s just such a welcoming club, providing me with so many role models who help me find my way through uni…especially Charlotte Toms. And it’s great to be joint with the men’s club: they make our socials all the more fun.

Isla, fourth year, Accounting, treasurer

lax isla

My most embarrassing lax moment was when I was hit on the head with the ball during warm-ups right before this year’s first match. I had to miss the match and got awarded Donkey of the Day.

Celia, third year, Molecular Biology, publicity

lax celia
My best lax memory is the first time I ever wore the uniform and played as part of the team. It gave me a real sense of pride. Also, one time when we were at Viper, one of the girls got kicked out for being too drunk so she walked home, changed her outfit, and walked straight back in.

Lydia, fourth year, Neuroscience

lax lydia

Our lacrosse family socials are the best part of lacrosse. We have so many awesome little lax families and everyone has the most fun.

Beth, third year, Physiology and Sports Science, mixed captain

lax beth

My favourite lacrosse memory has to be every single mixed match, where the guys try to play with the gals. They’re just not on our level. They buy everyone drinks in Viper though, so they’re good to have around all the same.

#laxlove #squadgoals

#laxlove #squadgoals

Basically, if you’re not dating a lacrosse girl, you should be.