Meet this year’s fashion show models

They’re all gorgeous

It’s time to meet the GUCFS models.

After casting a couple of weeks ago, now 24 of Glasgow’s most beautiful humans are ready for an amazing next four months.

From the launch party this Friday, to socials and fundraisers, both the models and the committee will be working hard to make sure the big event is a great success in February.

The Tab were lucky enough to meet some of these people, and not only are they super beautiful, they’re also super nice. Winning combo.

Ladies and Gentleman, be careful not to drool.

Adam McGregor, Mechanical Engineering, 21


“I’m most looking forward to how much money we can raise for charity. It’s my first modelling experience so I’m excited to try something new.”

Charis Hanna, Geography, 21


“This is my second year of doing the fashion show. My best memory from last year was the thrill of walking the catwalk alongside friends that I’d made through GUCFS. I’m really looking forward to trying on all the cool outfits.”

Toke Joseph, Finance and Maths, 18


“I’m most excited about the final result, although I’m a bit nervous for the show as I’ve never modelled before. I was scouted by a GUCFS committee member and was keen to apply so I could meet new people. It’s also really nice to be pampered. If this goes well, I would like to model in the future.”

Hamish Swanson, Chemistry, 18


“I’ve never modelled before but I was scouted by Select modelling agency while at the Big Weekend. I’m so excited about the show, the Launch Party on Friday and the whole package. Wearing other people’s designs will be really cool. I definitely would like to model in the future.”

Harvey Diamond, History of Art, 18


“I was scouted to model for GUCFS by a member of the committee and it made my week. The launch party will be really fun as it’s something a bit different: the fact it’s a secret location is exciting. I’m into fashion and art and it’ll be fun to dress up. I love that it’s all for charity and raising awareness. GUCFS is a nice, tight community.”

Whitney Ihenachor, Infection and Disease, 21


“I’m excited to meet new people and about the photoshoots. I modelled in the show last year and it was really fun. Despite some stress, everything came together in the end. It’s hard to balance uni work with the fashion show but it’s worth it.”

Nickel Ross, Virology, 20


“Holly on the GUCFS committee encouraged me to try out. My sister is signed to the Model Team so it’s cool to be doing something like she does and I would do modelling in the future if the option arose. I’m really excited about the secret Launch Party.”

Blair Smith, Accountancy and Finance, 20


“I’ve never done the fashion show before – Holly approached me and told me to go for it. It’s all a bit daunting, but cool getting to know everyone. It might be a struggle juggling uni work but it’ll be worth it. I’m excited about the show.”

Ruaridh Fowler, Medicine, 24


“Lauren on the GUCFS committee asked me to try out. I’ve not modelled in the fashion show before. It’s a bit different for me. The promotional shoot was fun, and I can’t wait to go to the Launch Party. I’ll be nervous for the show itself but it’ll be really exciting. I’ll consider modelling in the future if it goes well. I maybe wouldn’t have signed up to model if the whole thing wasn’t for charity, it’s a really good cause.”

Harveen Rai, Accounting and Finance, 19


“I’ve done a bit of freelance modelling before, so I applied to do the GUCFS because I heard a lot about the success of last year’s show. I enjoy modelling a lot and the fact that this is all for charity is great. This is different to anything I’ve done before and anything else going on at the uni. And I’m not scared about walking in heels.”

David Chukwujekwu, Biochemistry, 19


“I was scouted last year at the GUU during Fresher’s Week. I was handed a card while being generally drunk and disorderly…My favourite part of last year was the people I met and it feels good doing something for a good cause. I can’t wait to meet a bunch of new people.”

Ollie Simpson, Business and Management, 20


“I’ve done absolutely no modelling before. The GUCFS models rang me up and at first I was like ‘no’, but then I said ‘yeah’. I said yes for the philanthropic side and the social aspect. I’m really looking forward to the socials.”

Thanks to the committee for inviting us along for such a fab day, and all the models for letting us be nosy and take pics.

The GUCFS are hosting their launch event this Friday, in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust, grab your tickets on FIXR. Make sure you like GUCFS on Facebook to keep up to date with all their events.