Glasgow is the first UK city to accept Syrian refugees

63 people will be arriving in the next few weeks

Our city has become the first in the UK to accept refugees from Syria and other war torn countries.

Dozens of families are expected to make Scotland their new home by Christmas.

The city council and the Home Office are making arrangements for 63 people to be taken from refugee camps in Iraq and Lebanon to accommodation here.

After weeks of negotiating, houses and services are all being prepared for when the refugees arrive.

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Dozens of refugee families will be arriving in Glasgow

Duncan Campsie, from the city council’s Asylum and Refugee Service has expressed joy that Glasgow is willing to help, but has warned that a long term plan must be made as the current UK system hands out money on a case by case basis.

He told The Evening Times: “We need to speak to the Home Office for funding.

“It needs to be a five year thing as it’s not just about taking the numbers in and putting them in a flat –  it’s schools, health, benefit arrangements.

“We will continue to do our bit.”

The Convention of Scottish Local Authorities has said that all 32 areas have agreed to work together to help with the refugee crisis.

Gonzalo Vargas Llosa, UK representative of the UN High Commissioner for refugees also praised the effort from Scotland in helping their needs.

He said: “Long before the tragic picture of little Aylan forced many European leaders to take a more humane approach there were senior politicians asking for this to happen.

“That takes courage and we appreciate it. In that sense Scotland has led rather than followed.

“From the viewpoint of a Syrian refugee, we ask why have you decide to leave.

“The answer is almost always because we have lost hope peace will come to Syria soon or ever.”