The semester fashion round-up

So fetch

You guys look fab. No matter what the weather, this semester has shown you all to have some mad style skills.

But we’re nearly at the end of the term so we’re taking a look back at what us Glasgow wankers (nice one Strathy, original) loved to wear in these wintery months.

Tartan scarves and New Balance trainers

photo 3 (1)

Right to kill two birds with one stone.

You could not move this semester without brushing past someone in a tartan scarf. Either people were really into showing their Scottish pride, or maybe just wanted to shelter their necks from the near constant snow.

Similarly, we’re inclined to think New Balance is taking over the world. There’s have no concrete proof, but nine-year-old me would be happy to know my trainers from back then are fashionable now.

As an advocate for trainers on a night out, at uni and in any general situation, we applaud you.

Nike Air Maxes

Ive been informed these are AirMax theas

Nike can probably be credited with the emergence of fashion trainers. Apparently this is a thing.

Check the feet of any girl in all black on a night out and there’s a good chance she’ll be in Air Maxes.

Absolute swedgers.

Camel coats

Note the reoccurence of New Balance trainers...

Note the reoccurence of New Balance trainers

To adapt a Devil wears Prada quote, “camel in spring, how inspired”.

But seriously, every girl and most guys should own a camel coloured coat.

And if camel is not the right shade of beige, you can always go for sand, unbleached silk or cosmic latte.

Is this cosmic latte??

Cosmic latte

Kanken backpacks

Why does everyone have one of these? They are square and ugly and if you’re Mum had tried to make you get one as a school bag you probably would have flat-out refused.

Screenshot 2015-03-26 09.49.57

So why are they the staple of most West End hipster wardrobes?

True to form, these backpacks are so ugly we don’t even have a photo.

Sorry guys, but they’re awful. Do yourselves a favour and invest in a nice wee Jansport.

Boyfriend jeans

photo 1(1)

Skinny jeans will never die but boyfriend jeans are like their friendly cousins giving you that warm fitted hug of a skinny jean. And you can actually move in them, which is a bonus.

Now that spring has sprung, these bad boys have really made an appearance on campus.

And on top of all that, they’re the perfect hangover jean for bloated “I want pizza” days.


photo 5

Now for a classic.

Whether it’s a parka or a waxed jacket, khaki is a perfect colour to transition from winter into spring.

Reminiscent of the changing leaves on the trees and the dismal Scottish weather everybody and their uncle probably owns a khaki item of clothing.

Keep it up lads, not long until summer and you can crack out even more shitty colours to reflect the shitty temperatures.

photo 4