Free Palestine protestors gather at Main Building in the rain

It was a bit underwhelming

Around 12 policeman were outside the John McIntyre this morning to watch over a 30 person Free Palestine Protest in the drizzle.

The Scottish Palestinian Solidarity Campaign organised a soggy protest after claims the Israeli ambassador was at the University to formulate links between the Law School and Hebrew University in Israel.

The campaigners boasted an array of posters and flags as well as a banner about the Israeli war to greet Ambassador Taub, who is lecturing today.

The particularly underwhelming protest was met with a large police presence and comes months after Yiftah Curiel, spokesperson for the Israeli embassy was forced to cut his speech short at the Queen Margaret Union because of a solidarity demo.

The University Dialectic society previously said: “We don’t support no platform policies, we support free speech and open dialogue.”

And the Uni deny any claims the ambassador is here to create links with Hebrew University.

A spokesperson said: “Contrary to some reports, there is no plan to formalise any links between the University of Glasgow and the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.”

Clearly the police were expecting more people to be involved with the protest.