Male staff earn an ’embarrassing’ 24 per cent more than women at Glasgow

The SRC President is not happy

SRC President Breffni O’Connor has hit out at the 24 per cent gender pay gap at Glasgow Uni.

The University has had an official statement on its website since the 10th of April 2013.


But in light of recent events, such as the Oscar acceptance speech of Patricia Arquette, and Emma Watson’s UN Gender Equality campaign, the issue has been propelled back into the forefront of the media.

And despite repeated attempts to draw attention to the issue, still nothing has been done.

With the University Chapel condoning same sex marriage, the gender pay gap shows not everything at Glasgow has caught up with the times.

As pointed out in the official statement this 24 per cent pay gap is more than double the 9.6 reported for the UK labour market in 2013.

In 2014 the BBC reported a shrink to 9.4% which begs the question, why is the University’s pay gap still so high?

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The statement makes the point that the number of females in lesser paid roles far outweighs the number of males.

One student says that perhaps: “It’s the numbers of hours that they are doing and the role they are in that contributes to their pay.”

First Minister and University of Glasgow Alumnus Nicola Sturgeon has recently backed a 50/50 quota for public bodies.