We came up with 50 Exeter themed Never Have I Evers to spice up your pres

Never Have I Ever been targeted in Never Have I Ever – until now

We’ve all heard of the infamous drinking game of Never Have I Ever – no pres is quite complete without it. We’ve come up with the ultimate Exe-tah edition that will take your pres to the next level – no need to thank us. Strap in lads, refill those cups, and don’t even think about lying… Never have I ever:

1. Spent over an hour in the Pret queue

Many of us are guilty of procrastinating and avoiding deadlines via chatting in this queue.

2. Spent over £15 on a TP ticket

We hate to admit it, but many of us are guilty of spending a fortune on a ticket to Timepiece Wednesdays. When the pure desperation kicks in, Overheard is the only place to go.

3. Had to stop halfway up Cardiac Hill

This monster of a hill never fails to make you sweat.

4. Had my belongings posted on Overheard

Although slightly embarrassing, this is undoubtedly the number one way to retrieve your lost items after a Wednesday TP.

5. Turned up to a lecture still drunk

Usually contributing wilder and louder thoughts from this week’s readings, making that participation mark shoot right up.

6. Committed flatcest

It may seem like a good idea three tequilas in, but trust me, by reading week you’ll be avoiding the kitchen like it’s a Saturday night at Move.

7. Owned a vape

Some people don’t need to when they can just steal their mates.

8. Got with a rugby boy


9. Made friends in the club toilets

Even though we never see them again, I think we can agree some of the best (and most short-lived) friendships start with a random compliment from a stranger in Unit toilets.

10. Ended the night with a Mega Kebab

The best – and some may argue only – way to finish a night out.

11. Won a prize at Batty Bingo

A tin of beans still counts.

12. Fallen down the TP stairs

Are you really at Exeter Uni if you haven’t had a drunken stumble on the Timepiece stairs?

13. Started pres before 6:00

Cheeky drink at the Ram anyone?

14. Met someone with a signet ring

The epitome of Exet-ah – especially if it’s engraved with the family crest.

15. Gone to the Invades races

Is this just another excuse to dress up?

16.  Been sharked

Bringing us onto…

17. Sharked someone

Lemmy Saturday is a dangerous game.

18. Gone to SSB

What girl doesn’t love the chance to whip out a matching set?

19. Spontaneously gone to Vaults

Bonus point if you left halfway through to try and get into Cavern, only to give up and return to Vaults.

20. Got blackout drunk

The dreaded hangxiety will kick in but at least you can’t recall the night.











21. Got into a club without my ID

Sometimes you can get lucky and bypass the bouncers, otherwise it’s back home and in pyjamas by 11 as you watch the night out you should have been on poorly recorded on someone’s snap story.

22. Got with someone who has a mullet

It still counts even if you were drunk.

23. Worn fancy dress for a social

Whether it’s a back to school social or shit-shirt night, everyone loves a theme.

24. Done the walk of shame in an embarrassing costume

It’s fair to say trekking back from Mount Pleasant to Vic St in an unravelling toga has to be one of life’s low points.

25. Only eaten pesto pasta for a week


26. Pulled an all-nighter

Bonus point if it was solely fuelled by caffeine in any form.

27. Decorated my uni room with LEDs

And didn’t it look better for it x

28. Chunned at pres

There’s always one who pres too hard.

29. Done a headstand pint

Drink twice if it was at a sports social.

30. Forgotten to EG

Took me until second year to figure out what it actually meant.

31. Gone to the Quay on a sunny day

And realised that 300 other students had exactly the same idea.

32. Complained about how hilly Exeter is

At least it keeps us fit (*cancels PureGym membership*).

33. Met someone from Surrey

Anyone not drinking – how?

34. Stolen a road sign

Freshers love to bring momento home from a night out – find a better focal point for the house I dare you.

35. Been evacuated by a WW2 bomb

Not many people can say that they were evacuated because of a bomb.

36. Gone to Bottomless Brunch at Turtle Bay

Warning: you will probably end up drunk shopping.

37. Stolen my flatmate’s food

Yes, it still counts if you can’t remember doing it.

38. Won a bolt-off

Don’t forget to EG.

39.  Been turned away from a club for being too drunk

*practises best sober face.*

40. Purchased white linen trousers

Did we all come back from summer with these as a staple in our wardrobe?

41. Attended a formal ball

Get the long dresses and black ties out.

42. Complained about being cold in my uni house

*Adds hot water bottle to weekly shop.*

43. Cried in the TP toilets

It really does hit different.


44.  Gone to TP and not got a Venom

It would be rude not to quite frankly.

45. Had a BBQ at Exmouth beach

Once it gets over 20 degrees, you know where you can find 90 per cent of Exeter students – just follow the charcoal smell.

46. Purchased a quarter zip

It’s the uniform daaaarling.

47.  Met Napoleon (the campus cat)

He’s often lurking around forum hill, make sure to say hello.

48.  Held a dinner party

Wearing that quarter-zip and signet ring of course.

49.  Attempted pub golf

You’ll be telling yourself never again.

50. Been caught by campus security

For freshers in Covid year, avoiding campus security was basically our Friday night entertainment.

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