This is which Exeter accommodation you should be in, based on your coffee order

Bet the prospectus didn’t tell you this…

Whilst some of us carefully researched every accommodation available at uni, doing the room tours and evaluating the catered/non -catered conundrum before deciding our top five, the rest of us just left it to fate. It’s fair to say that you never really know the true vibe of an accommodation until you’ve lived there for at least three months, broken a kitchen appliance, or nearly fallen out of a window.

Whilst some students mange to make life long friends from their block, most of us wondered if we were ever going to find our people, seeing as no one we came across seemed to match our energy. See if your coffee order matches your accommodation vibe:

Americano – St German’s

A classic, if slightly boring choice. To be fair it’s a pretty hard core choice so you probably mean business. And by business we do mean a banging night out, and still making it to all your lectures.

Mocha – Lafrowda

Usually a crowd pleaser – the perfect balance of both sweet and energetic, probably just like you. Like St. German’s folk, you love a goooood party but never underestimate the value of a chilled night in with your mates.

Caramel / Vanilla Latte – Penny C

You take the simple a step further – you like the finer things in life, proving that you’re just a *little* bit fancier than the rest of us. You’re definitely not quite as committed as the St German’s crew, usually the friend who always remind the rest of us that first year doesn’t count – so you may as well party whilst you can.

Cappuccino – Rowe

It’s quite hit and miss with Rowe, just like a good cappuccino – sometimes it’s a creamy caffeined cracker, sometimes you’re stuck with a confusing mess you’re not even sure is coffee. But, it’s fun to take a chance, and see how it goes.

Iced Coffee – Birks

Energy central for you guys! You’re a little cooler than average, keeping things chill and probably buzzing with energy – which you’ll need if you’re going to make it up Cardiac Hill multiple times a day.

Chai Latte – East Park

The new kid on the block: still relatively edgy – quite literally sometimes if they’re still mid-construction. Overall, the novelty will probably soon wear off a little, but it will still be cool and quirky.

Cortado / Piccolo – Holland

Arguably a little pretentious, you probably like feeling special and seeming a little fancier on the outside. In reality you’re probably just like the rest of us, just yassfied with a fancy appearance.

Hot Choc or Tea – Lopes

Coffee not for you? Prefer something a little more wholesome? You’re definitely a Lopes qween: sweet, down-to-earth but without being boring, it’s a classic choice that never goes out of style.

Espresso – Depot and Point X

Talk about getting straight down to it: there’s absolutely zero messing around with espressos, just like the no BS Deopt and Point X guys. They’re ready to crush whatever comes their way be it studying or more studying. A little crazy and definitely hardcore, they’re not ones to be messed with.

Babyccino – St David’s

To be fair, no one really knows what’s going on here – it’s a rouge choice for sure, and the most childish thing on the menu.

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