Every Olivia Rodrigo song matched with an Exeter Uni accommodation

Bet you’ve always wondered this

Have you ever been sitting in Forum library, listening to Queen Rodrigo herself, idly wondering which song is most compatible with your accommodation? (okay, probably not).

Fear not, as we’ve done the work for you. With matches arguably better than the alliance of signet rings and mullets, we’ve compiled a list of nearly every Exeter fresher’s accommodation matched  with an iconic SOUR track.

Traitor – Holland

You were supposed to be at Penny C – you realise this as soon as Freshers’ is over. You thought being in one of the most £££ accommodations meant that you’d be with all the other trust funds right?! And don’t get us wrong, some people had the same idea as you. But there are UNFORGIVABLY NORMAL people as well. Holland betrayed you; you were sold the idea of the absolute elite only to find out it’s second place. Ain’t it funny?

1 step forward, 2 steps back – St German’s

Let’s face it, you’re an absolute trooper – relentlessly trying to be part of the Golden Duo (Laf & Penny C) many times although you never *quite* make it – but you still keep clinging on. 1 step towards being cool, 3 steps back to being the bottom of the pile (soz x). We all kind of forget about this one, but we love you anyways.

Hope ur ok – St. David’s

You okay hun? You don’t really know how you ended up here, and to be honest neither do we. Let’s face it, we all kind of forget about this one. No offence, but what do you really have to offer? No nightlife, big treks, at least one weird housemate (usually) and interiors straight from the naughties.

Jealousy, jealousy – Rowe House

What can we say – you constantly try and prove that you’re as good as Lafrowda, and you hate that even St. Germans are cooler than you. You can say what you like about Rowe but they’re undoubtedly a *little* bit bitter.

Déjà vu – Penny C

Do you get deja vu (when looking at these carbon copies)? It would shock a lot of the girls here to find out that Urban Outfitters is not the only shop in Exeter. And is owning a siggy ring and having a gap yah (that TOTALLY changed their life) a prerequisite of the application process for penny c?

Good 4 u – New Lafrowda

What can we say? The original OG, the one beloved by everyone and if we’re being honest, the most popular one too. A golden classic for everyone.

Brutal – Old Lafrowda

That’s right, you get your own whole category. Fire alarms going off at least once a week, shared bathrooms, tiny kitchens. Why did no-one tell you how bad it is?? Man, it’s brutal in there…

Driver’s license – Birks

We all loved you at first. You seemed refreshing. Everyone went wild for you. You certainly stuck around for a looooong time but to be honest, we got a bit bored of you – Cardiac hill, being *so* far away, and those treks back home being really quite awful, especially if you were in fancy dress from the night before…

Enough for you – Lopes

You cool cats – you don’t follow the crowd, you aren’t swayed by the flocks of people and the lustre of the big hits. You’re still in the centre of the party; being next to Penny C you have access to the elite parties but are still welcomed with open arms by the Lafrowda fam. Really you’ve got it all – that enough for you?

Happier – East Park

Endless renovations, constant updates, looking like an Emirate airport lounge with all that low level lighting and windows THAT ACTUALLY OPEN. Life is really great for you right? Okay, so there’s a bit of a hill, unfinished kitchens and constant construction noise, really, you’re still better off than most of us…

Favourite crime – Point Exe and Depot

I mean, you should be a bit shit, everyone *kind of* forgets about you and you’re definitely not a main contender… But somehow, we still love you – you throw great parties, have immaculate vibes, and are true experts at avoiding or charming Estate Patrol. You truly are the underdog.