We asked for your house Christmas dinners, and you didn’t disappoint

‘Here’s our Christmas charcuterie board because none of us can cook’

Christmas is the best time of the year, and food is undoubtedly the best part of Christmas.

We asked you to send in photos of your plates, your friends and your festive decor from your Uni Christmas dinners this year, and you did not disappoint.

Without further ado, these are our favourite 2021 house Christmas dinners.

Sophie, second year, English Lit

“Here’s our Christmas charcuterie board because none of us can cook.” So fair.

Josh, fourth year, Electronic Engineering

A veritable feast. How do you have time to do this and a Masters?!

Lara, second year, Law

The photo of the fridge alone is making my mouth water.

Aiden, second year, Business Economics

“The meal to end all meals, 2 houses, 13 people, 2 days prep and one broken dining room table, gone but not forgotten.” Enough said.

Sadie, third year, Art History and English Lit

So aesthetically pleasing, and how do you have this many mates?!

Eliza, second year, Philosophy and Film

We love the effort put into the dress code as well as the food. Shoutout to the bow tie at the back.

Georgie, third year, Psychology

Bonus points for the chocolate santas.

Emelie and David, fourth year, English and Spanish, and Engineering

The festive plates, cups and table cloth are really adding to the vibe here.

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