Meet the Exeter Grads behind new car sharing app where students can get to London for £11

It’s the country’s first ride sharing platform that’s just for students

STAXY was set up by two recent Exeter Uni graduates with the aim to make student travel cheaper. Passengers can travel from Exeter to London for as little as £11, and drivers can save upwards of £50 per trip for the same journey.

Graduating last year, James studied Economics and Politics at Exeter, Will studied PPE at Exeter and Will studied Chemistry at Bath.

STAXY is the UK’s first student exclusive carsharing platform that enables students across the UK to access safe, affordable and convenient travel whilst reducing their carbon footprint.

The app enables students who have their cars at uni to post the journeys they are making, whether that be to uni from home, to campus, the beach or even another city. Other students are then able to join that journey by transferring the driver petrol money by Apple/Google pay based on the recommended price.

STAXY founders talking to students in Forum today

The STAXY founders told The Tab Exeter: “One of the key aspects of the app is student safety. The platform is student exclusive with users having to register with their university email address. This enables us to check and verify their ID against the uni database. We also check the MOT and insurance of all the vehicles on the app so we know they’re all safe for passengers. We’ve built in a review and rating system for both drivers and passengers and are currently building an accept/reject feature for drivers as well as an emergency contact for passengers.

“We built the app in order to try help students find a cheaper way to get home on weekends compared to the train as well as help drivers save a tonne of money (insurance, petrol etc can be expensive!). One of the massive benefits of this is that students who use the app are also reducing their carbon footprint.”

STAXY have partnered with Exeter Uni as of two weeks ago with the aim of achieving net zero, which means that the carbon emitted into the atmosphere is balanced by the carbon being removed from it

Many societies frequently use STAXY, with Exeter Uni Hockey Club telling us: “We’ve been using STAXY for the past month and we love it! The society feature has been adapted to our needs and I’d also recommend the public version. The big benefits for us are fast payouts to drivers, and the fact that the AU have partnered with STAXY to make our travel carbon neutral!”

Exeter Sailing added: “We use STAXY to log all of the miles our drivers cover on behalf of the club. STAXY is great for us because we can now directly pay our drivers for their miles, making the process much more streamlined. STAXY also calculates the carbon emissions from our driving and with the help of the AU are offsetting all of the carbon, making all of our journeys carbon neutral! We would definitely recommend STAXY to all clubs and individuals!”

STAXY is available to download on the App Store and Google Play now. All you need is your university email address!