Introducing who you’ve voted as Exeter’s most eligible bachelor 2021

He told us his newfound title is going on his Linkedin

Over the last few weeks, you have been voting for your favourite boys in the competition to see who will become Exeter’s most eligible bachelor. With 21 contestants taking part, the Exeter student population has whittled it down to one man who took an absolutely astounding 48.51 per cent of the votes in the final with 2,457 votes.

Now it’s time to see who you have crowned Exeter’s most eligible bachelor 2021!

Arron, Third year, Mathematics (@arronplumridge)

Arron won you all over by saying that he wanted to find someone his “nan can interrogate”, and by telling us that the way to his heart is a good old Dominos pizza. We spoke to Arron about his newfound title:

How does it feel to have won this title?

“Being the humble, and the heroic, I accept this esteemed title with gratitude. It is about time that true excellence was recognised, and I am honoured to be the face of it”.

How will you be celebrating your win?

“According to the UK Government, Exeter’s most eligible bachelors have exclusive access to get absolutely willy-wankered for free for the entire year of their title. Therefore, I will celebrate by people buying me drinks for the rest of the year. (Thanks x)”.

What’s your first night out you’re going on once lockdown is over, and why?

“I may be pretty but I’m also pretty broke, so my first tour will be at Unit 1 quids in on 24th June. Please dm me for meet and greet tickets”.

What will you do with your newfound bachelorette title?

The uniqueness of this title will be going straight on my LinkedIn profile. Being an official lord and LGBTQ, I am a Gay-Lord, and I just know people will be wanting to hear from the first Gay-Lord bachelor.