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The Barn accommodation was evacuated last night after an arson attack

It was caused by a mattress being set on fire

Last night at 9pm a fire was started at the Barn Residences in the City Centre, just round the corner from Monkey Suit, which left many of the residents outside in the cold.

According to DevonLive, a mattress had been deliberately set on fire on the officially unoccupied seventh floor – students only live up to the sixth floor.

Around 50 students were evacuated, some in their pyjamas, for several hours while firefighters extinguished the blaze and the police collected evidence.

The evacuated students were told to wait around the corner in the nearby bar Monkey Suit until the residence was reopened at about 11:30pm.

The Barn is a private residence home to 150 students consisting of studio flats. It is run by Fresh Student Living and costs £8,385 per year.