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It’s been three weeks since the Exeter racism scandal and investigations are still on-going

No further statements or apologies have been issued by the uni or the students involved

It's been over three weeks since we reported the Exeter Racism Scandal, which did not take too long to be picked up by several major news broadcasters, including the BBC and The Guardian.

Since then, the students involved in this scandal have been suspended from the uni and the Bracton Law Society's activities were suspended too, which included cancellation of their AGM as well as their End of Year Gala.

Following the backlash, one of the five students exposed in the group chat, Matthew Bell has issued an apology for the messages he sent. None of the students involved have apologised as of yet.

Here's an update on the situation so far: there hasn't been any

According to statements released by the university and the Students' Guild, in-depth investigations regarding the chat and students involved are on-going and they cannot comment upon the situation until these investigations are completed, following which an updated statement will be released.

The Bracton Law Society (BLS) have banned the students concerned, not just from their committee positions but also as members. However, as a student led society, that's the only step they can take.

Given the seriousness of the issue, making any decisions regarding it are beyond their powers. The Guild and the university ultimately have the power to decide what happens next.

There was also an anti-racism rally on campus, to show solidarity for those who have suffered racism.

What happens next regarding this scandal is a waiting game now, until the uni or Guild issue updated statements.

Matthew Bell is the only one out of the five boys involved in the incident to have apologised for his actions. The Tab have repeatedly approached the remaining four for comment.