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Matthew Bell has released an apology for his racist messages in the Exeter Law society group chat

‘The comments, which I shall not repeat, are inexcusable and undeniably wrong’

Matthew Bell, one of the five students who sent racist messages down an Exeter Law society WhatsApp group chat, has apologised for his behaviour in a statement.

According to the BBC the committee member of Bracton Law Society issued a "sincere apology for his inexcusable comments".

Matthew Bell said:

"I will not attempt to excuse and deny any of the statements I have made. The comments, which I shall not repeat, are inexcusable and undeniably wrong.

"I would like to make it publicly known that I do not honestly believe any of the things I have said."

Bell's messages on the group chat included: "Browns don't get it", "He's such a stupid little arse licking p**i" and "Being chased by a n****r is every man's worst nightmare."

Since the story broke on The Tab Exeter last night, it has been revealed that Matthew Bell, along with fellow committee member Alex Crawford, has had his grad scheme offer revoked by law firm Hill Dickinson LLP.

In addition, all five students have been suspended from the university pending a "major investigation". Updates on this will follow.

The Tab has exclusively named and pictured each of the five members outed by Arsalan Motavali on Facebook on Monday night.

The Tab has contacted all five students involved and the other four are yet to release a statement.

If you have experienced racism at Exeter University please contact [email protected] and we will contact you.

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