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Breaking: Exeter UCU has rejected the proposal from UUK to stop the strike action

This means that it could start to affect exams

On Monday, the UUK had proposed a deal that could see the strikes being suspended later on this week. The Exeter branch of the UCU immediately called a meeting with its members to discuss the proposal and have chosen not to accept the deal.

We are now in our fourth week of proposed strike action by the UCU, and there have been several attempts at negotiations between the UCU and the UUK, all to no avail.

This means that the strikes could go on for longer than originally planned, or at least until a deal has been reached between the UCU and the UUK. However, this could result in the strike action beginning to impact exams, with our exam timetable release having been delayed by several weeks already.

In addition to this, the strikers currently based at the bottom of Forum Hill have seen the largest group of people join them on the picket lines since the strikes began, showing that momentum for the strikes is not slowing down.

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The support for the continuing of the strikes is also reinforced by the fact that a group of students have now been occupying a meeting room and the lobby of Northcote House for over a week now, and have no plans to vacate at any point soon.

We will keep this story updated for any further developments.