The gym is removing a ‘motivational’ sign from the wall after a disabled student claimed it was ableist

She called it ‘subtle ableism’

Anyone who's been to the fitness centre on campus will have inevitably seen the sign on the stairs that reads: "There is no shortcut to success. You have to climb the stairs".

Yet one student, Ruby Jones, has called this out as "subtle ableism".

Ruby has said that the sign made her feel "invalidated" and "unsuccessful", because as a disabled user of the gym, she has to use the lift. As a result, she contacted the Sports Park regarding the sign, noting that the response was quick and that she felt like they really valued her feedback.

The university have agreed to remove the sign and replace it with a new, yet undisclosed one.

Ruby also stated that she was proud of the response from the university, as it "speaks volumes for the university itself and its outlook on disability". And while the response from others has been largely positive, she has received some hate for her initial tweet highlighting the issue.

The removal of the sign is another clear example of more being done to promote equality in every aspect of life.