Exeter students write ‘The Holocaust was a good time’ on bar crawl T-shirts

One also read ‘don’t speak to me if you’re not white’


Students at the Snowsports social held at Timepiece, Exeter, last night were seen with antisemitic and White Supremacist slogans on their white T-shirts. While most of the magic markers were used to pen generic sexism or “banterous” innuendoes, two rather different and shocking slogans stood out: “Don’t speak to me if you’re not white” and “The Holocaust was a good time”.

Pictures of the shirts were taken by a Palestinian student and posted on Facebook. In her post she wrote: “Making light of genocide and white privilege is not ‘banter’, you f***ing imbeciles.”

She said that the slogans were drawn on the back of the T-shirts, and it’s unclear if the students wearing them were also the ones who wrote the comments.

As reported by +972, the president of the Snowsports society, said: “Comments like these are not tolerated within our club. Unfortunately, as only eight committee members, we can not be responsible for everything written by other students, especially when there are over 1,000 people. Timepiece were asking people to leave or change if they were seen in the venue with any abusive slogans on their T-shirts. As far as I’m aware no complaints were made.”

She added: “We apologise if we offended any one and we feel appropriate action was taken on the night to deal with these type of slogans if they were seen on anyone at our social. Snowsports has a zero tolerance policy for these actions and we will be contacting our members in due course to express this.”

On the post, comments include: “Welcome to Exeter” and, “Fucking clowns”.

Why are we fuelling an already embarrassing, elitist and self-entitled reputation?